Léna, 15, filmed four young people from PSG for eight months

Léna, 15, filmed four young people from PSG for eight months

It’s the club of 5, new version. Five teenagers aged 14, 15 and 16 linked their journeys and their dreams through a camera and a four-part documentary called “Facing their destiny”

, directed by Léna Jennequin, a 15-year-old girl passionate about cinema. A brilliant student at the Lycée Hoche de Versailles, Léna, who grew up in Rocquencourt in the Yvelines, was awarded in July 2021 with a gold clap “Motor! at the Cannes Film Festival for his work on the graffiti artist 7nuit. At the start of the 2021-22 season, this cinephile, also a football and PSG fan, contacted the club and Jean-Martial Ribes, its former communications director, to propose a documentary project on apprentice footballers from the PSG, with a view to“filming young people of his age with his eyes”


Seduced by Léna’s approach and the nature of her film, PSG decided to open the doors of its women’s training center and its men’s pre-training center to her, where she was able to follow Katia Imarazene and Eden Le Guilly throughout the season. (16) from the female U19 section, and Younes Idder and Adam Ayari (14), two boys from the pre-training center.

“She was able to film what she wanted, for the editing too, she was able to do as she wanted”

Valérie, Léna Jennequin’s mother Due to“50 days of shooting over 8 months”

Léna captured the daily life of these four talents, their morning awakenings, their training sessions, the matches, not to mention their school careers and their family moments.“We were immediately won over by Léna’s project confirms Anthony Baca, Deputy Director of Digital.She seduced us with her motivation, her determination but also her precise knowledge of cinema. Even if these are things that we rarely accept, here we said yes. »“PSG gave Léna carte blanche. She was able to film what she wanted, for the editing too, she was able to do as she wanted”

confides Valérie, his mother. The strength of the young director is to have been able to establish very quickly a bond of trust with her “actors” but also with all the staff (school head, coaches, trainers, flaws) who supervise them.“She knew how to be forgotten laughs Katia Imarazene.

While being able to easily communicate with us, since we are the same age. »

Players from the pro group will appear“That was really the goal, for it to be a young person who follows our young people in order to create a climate conducive to their expression”

, explains Jean-Martial Ribes. PSG only chose the four footballers who were filmed, opting for very different profiles like the two boys, Younes and Adam. The first is as exuberant as the second appears timid, over the images.

In the first episode, we were able to discover, Katia, Eden, Younes and Adam, their environment at PSG, their educators. The next three will be broadcast during the summer and will address the following themes in turn: the risk of injury, managing frustration, discipline, nutrition, team spirit, the challenges for an athlete high level as well as future prospects. In the last episode, Léna promises “surprises” with the appearance of the players from the pro group.

On Wednesday evening, PSG organized the screening of the first opus of the documentary, in the auditorium of the Parc des Princes, in the presence of the four teenagers filmed, their families and Léna and her relatives. The opportunity to approach their dream a little closer which, if they come true, will lead them in a few years to tread the lawn of the den of Mbappé and others.

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