Léa Drucker: "The cape of fifty was euphoric"

Léa Drucker: “The cape of fifty was euphoric”

In Incredible but true, by Quentin Dupieux, Léa Drucker finds Alain Chabat. A delirious comedy about the couple and the passage of time. Meeting with a radiant actress who happily continues filming.

“Time has been my ally”… They are rare actresses like Lea Drucker to admit that the years are good. And yet, to see her so fulfilled, in her life and her work (she is the poster of four films and the heroine of the series War of the Worlds on Canal+), we can only note that at just 50 years old she is living a prosperous period.

Its news? Incredible but true, a comedy by Quentin Dupieux which places her, with Alain Chabat, Anaïs Demoustier and Benoit Magimelin a house endowed with magical powers… The Caesarized actress will then return to the screens with close, the new movie of Lukas Dhont which won the Grand Prix at the last Cannes Film Festival.

On video, Up to the hiltthe trailer with Léa Drucker

Miss Figaro. – Is it a holy grail to add Quentin Dupieux to his filmography?
Leah Drucker. – He was in any case one of the directors with whom I had wanted to work for a long time. I love its somewhat dreamlike, mysterious universe, which allows the fantastic to blend into something very real, almost dramatic. Incredible but true out of the ordinary, but resonates with really strong themes, and with a lot of spirit.

What pleasure did you have to find Alain Chabat?
I wish any actor to be able to play with Alain! He is so caring and humble, he leaves a lot of room for his partners.

Your character, Marie, is obsessed with aging. What is your own relationship to the passage of time?
Time has been my ally. Professionally, it allowed me to build myself because I didn’t go off like a rocket at 20. The path was slower, sometimes difficult, but it brought me a lot, and the accidents of life gave me time to build a life of family when I had never imagined it before. But I can sometimes find it hard to age physically. For us, actresses, it’s all the more complicated because we spend a lot of time looking at each other in spite of ourselves…

Léa Drucker and Alain Chabat in Incredible but true, by Quentin Dupieux. Photo Production Workshop/Arte France Cinéma/Versus Production

Was turning fifty difficult to pass?
No, it was even euphoric! This idea of ​​half-time in life appeals to me. I did not like the course of quarantine but, fortunately, my daughter was born soon after, and her birth gave birth to me a second time.

At a time when people are talking about cosmetic surgery, how do you view this?
I think we shouldn’t make people feel guilty, because the surgery can sweeten the passage of time for some. Afterwards, when you are an actor, you have to be careful: facial expressions remain our working tool, and we must succeed in preserving authenticity. Frances McDormand is the dazzling actress that she is because, among other things, she has this integrity over time.

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What period would you like to relive?
I really liked discovering Paris when I moved in with my mother, when I was 15. Later, I lived a period of great independence, where I discovered the city day and night, I met many people there and I opened myself up to different backgrounds. I found this boiling quite brilliant, conducive to the construction of my dreams.

You have chained the shootings lately. What do you do when you’re not working?
I go to see films, plays… Watching the work of others nourishes me and gives me ideas and desires for what’s to come!

Incredible but true, by Quentin Dupieux, with Léa Drucker, Alain Chabat, Anaïs Demoustier…


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