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Lauragais: a film crew creates a setting worthy of Egypt for a France 2 documentary

Filming took place in the Semenou et fille quarry in Saint-Paulet in Aude. (©Florian Moutafian – Voice of the South Lauragais)

The landscapes of Lauragais used for a Egyptology documentary ? This is the idea that the team had Mandiri Production for the shooting of this film on the discoveries of Egyptologists Jean-Francois Champollion and Howard Carter which is to be aired as part of the program1:15 p.m. on France 2presented by Laurent Delahousse.

A theme chosen for the bicentenary from the Rosetta Stone translation by the scientist from Lot in 1822. “It is an Egyptian stone discovered by Napoleon’s soldiers. Champollion succeeded in translating the hieroglyphs, which launched Egyptology. We are going to rediscover all this world! “, Explain Patrice Brugerejournalist and producer for the magazine 1:15 p.m..

The show will also focus on British Egyptologist and archaeologist Howard Carter, on the occasion of the 100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb (1922), still considered one of the greatest moments in Egyptology.

Two towns in Lauragais for filming

To illustrate what journalists say in this type of documentary, the company Mandiri Production is responsible for filming reconstructions of period scenes. “We work with the journalist and we have to implement the costumes, the decoration, find the actors, manage the logistics, do the location scouting…”, explains the manager of the company and executive producer.

They also need to find the filming locations. Here, the company chose to pack its bags to go to Lauragais Thursday June 30 and Friday June 1er July 2022. For interior shots (scenes of living or working in an office), they used the framework of the castle of Issus where the film crew was also able to reside.

To retrace Champollion’s visit to Egypt, Mandiri Productions and Patrice Brugére have this time installed the cameras within the Semenou et fille limestone quarryat Saint Paulet in Aude.

The setting was chosen for its limestone rocks.
The setting was chosen for its limestone rocks. (©Florian Moutafian – Voice of the South Lauragais)

Two camels in the quarry

In this rocky landscape, Mandiri Productions called on the Camels Farm, located in Aveyron, to bring two dromedaries on the set and create a visual atmosphere worthy of the country of Africa.

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Two dromedaries came from Aveyron.
Two dromedaries came from Aveyron. (©Florian Moutafian – Voice of the South Lauragais)

Thus, in a scene shot in the quarry, spectators will be able to see Jean-François Champollion disembarking for the first time in Egypt. “He is elated and he asks a Bedouin to dress him. It’s extremely exotic for him, he’s been dreaming about it for years”, explains Patrice Brugére during the filming of the scene.

Champollion arrives in Egypt.
Jean-François Champollion arrives in Egypt and tries out local customs. (©Florian Moutafian – Voice of the South Lauragais)

Released this fall

The two filming locations and the crew’s accommodation were discovered through a web search and selected in such a way as to make the trip profitable, says Mandiri Production: “I first spotted the Château d’Issus. I knew there were quarries in the area and saw this one. I met Didier (Semenou, the quarry manager, editor’s note) and I saw that he was quite active and super accessible. It is also important. »

The film crew then took over the direction of Towers for plans supposed to take place in England.

The documentary, lasting 90 minuteswill be sequenced in four 22-minute episodes. It is to be released in the fall.

Career in the spotlight

Career Semenou begins to get used to the lights of the spotlight. A few months ago, the family business had already hosted the cameras of the 6ter chain of the M6 ​​group.

They had then followed Marie Semenou, machine driver, as part of his participation in the show The Queens of the construction site the first episodes of which aired on June 23, 2022.

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