Lambert Wilson: why his criticism of Florence Foresti cost him dearly

Lambert Wilson: why his criticism of Florence Foresti cost him dearly

Featured in Barbecuebroadcast Monday, June 13 at 9:15 p.m. on TMC, Lambert Wilson strongly criticized Florence Foresti following the Cesar ceremony that she presented in 2020. Words that cost the actor dearly.

In Barbecuethe choral film directed by Éric Lavaine and broadcast Monday June 13 at 9:15 p.m. on TMC, Lambert Wilson and Florence Foresti embody characters who are very good friends. They even had an affair when they were younger and as they turn 50, each takes a very personal look at their life and the evolution of friendship in general. If they got along perfectly on the setsince the release of the film in 2014, water has flowed under the bridges and the two actors no longer seem quite on the same wavelength. The behavior of Florence Foresti during the Cesar ceremony of 2020 did not at all please Lambert Wilson who issued strong criticism of his colleague.

As a reminder, the comedian who officiated as mistress of ceremonies spent the evening to scratch Roman Polanskiaccused of sexual assault, and did not return to the stage after the filmmaker received the César for best director for I accuse. ” What are we doing Roro? What are we doing with Popol? Don’t be like him, don’t be innocent, you know very well who I’m talking about. What do we do with Atchoum? “Florence Foresti had notably declared. ” I’m very angry, it’s nonsense : if we feel that there is something wrong with the fact that Polanski has nominations, so we’re not coming » Lambert Wilson got carried away on France Inter. ” I’m talking about people I love a lot, but dare to talk about a director in these terms… Talking about Atchoum, showing a size…. And besides, what are we going to remember from the lives of these people compared to the enormity of the Polanski myth? Who are these people ? They are tiny he added.

Statements by Lambert Wilson, who seemed to defend Roman Polanskihave had unfortunate consequences for the actor. ” The result is that I got fired from Greenpeace. I had worked as an activist for 20 years. I went to Brazil with them, I was really a spokesperson for Greenpeace and because I expressed something that seemed to endorse the Polanski case, which it didn’t, I just expressed a reservation about my comrade’s attitude, I was fired two days later without further ado. I’ve been told: “Greenpeace underwriters can’t stand someone supporting these comments”explained Lambert Wilson last year on the show As an aside. He further entrusted having met women who shouted “Polanski rapes, Wilson condones”. But he does not say if he explained himself with Florence Foresti around a good barbecue.


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