Lagom, the Swedish art of living that makes us happier

Lagom, the Swedish art of living that makes us happier

The term is untranslatable, yet it alone brings together a whole philosophy supposed to lead us to happiness. In French, it could be interpreted as “average”, “enough” or “optimal”, a quantity “neither too much nor too little” in short. But what exactly is this philosophy?

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Lagom, the Scandinavian way of life

Directly inspired by the philosophy of danish hygge, the lagom is an art of living against the current of the excesses of modern life, for a more “slow” rhythm supposed to do us good. The Swedes, from an early age, evolve according to a way of life that cultivates moderation, fulfillment and ethics. No wonder Scandinavian countries often top the list of the happiest countries in the world.

The lagom touches all aspects of society (work, family, home, fashion, food…). It simply translates into reasoned consumption at all times, in order to avoid unnecessary excesses. This does not mean depriving yourself, simply finding a balance between desire and real need in order to achieve a more reasoned consumption, in accordance with ethics and ecology.

Think ecology

To be fulfilled, we consume in the Swedish way with a view to respecting the environment in which we evolve. That is to say, we buy local, we boycott ultra-polluting brands, we recycle, we reduce our water and energy consumption and we buy daily in reasonable quantities to avoid waste.

Balancing private life / professional life

In Sweden, nobody looks at you the wrong way if you leave work after 5 p.m. On the contrary, working until the wee hours can be seen as evidence of inefficiency. There, only 1% of the active population would work overtime elsewhere. The balance between private life and professional life is a key to well-being, and the bosses have understood this well. To get the most out of their employees, they know they need to be transparent and trustworthy. A happy employee and a financially and morally happy company.

Dressing and furnishing yourself “slow”

A balance of life that can also be found in fashion and in furnishings. The Scandinavian style thus advocates minimalism and warmth, through simple but effective interiors. We forget everything that pollutes the view and we invest in beautiful quality furniture. No more plastic, hello wood. On the fashion side, it’s the same delirium. Among the “lagom” brands par excellence, we can mention Sandqvist, Filippa-K or Acne Studios. The goal is to buy quality clothes of known origin and avoid at all costs the fast fashion. We preferably buy second-hand or we hunt, and we sort our clothes to keep the wardrobe as light as possible.

In short, you will have understood it, the lagom is the search for a balance on a daily basis. It must not turn into asceticism or social pressure. It is simply a question of doing better with less in order to simplify our existence and manage to identify what is really necessary for our development and what is not. An attitude that goes against the sense of urgency and competitiveness induced by our contemporary way of life today.

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