La Marseillaise à pétanque 2022: Quintais qualifies against Sérès but it was not easy (13-5)

La Marseillaise à pétanque 2022: Quintais qualifies against Sérès but it was not easy (13-5)

Great victory and qualification for the triplet Marc Tierno, Philippe Quintais and Philippe Suchaud against brave Var residents, the Sérès brothers and the talented shooter Bryan Martinez.

Experience the Mondial de la Pétanque:
La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

The last end is like this game, with a Seres team giving their all and pushing the Tierno team to surpass themselves. Several shooting failures by Bryan Martinez and then Kevin Sérès will even force the pointer Yohann Sérès to try his luck at shooting, and unfortunately he does not aim. The game ends in favor of the two Philippe Quintais and Suchaud, who are very happy to qualify without going any further in this rather complicated game in the end. Final score 13 to 5!

Marc Tierno is getting better and better at the point and he causes Bryan Martinez’s double shooting error. Kevin Sérès needs two attempts to blow up Tierno’s ball. Suchaud is impeccable on his two shots and the lead is heavy for the Varois. Five points for Tierno and his teammates who now lead 12 to 7!

We are really in a very high intensity game with players giving the best of their game. At least in the first part of this end, because the favorites take over after a very nice puck from almost nine meters. Kevin Sérès and Bryan Martinez fail to approach the stopper, and the “Phi-Phi” take advantage of it. they immediately penalize their opponents with three additional points, and the score climbs to 7-5 in favor of the Tierno team.

Another hyper-contested end with in particular very nice points distributed by the brothers Yohann and Kevin Sérès, a very surprising “double lack” on the part of Philippe Quintais in shooting, offers the possibility to the Var triplet to score two points and to regain a 5-4 lead for the Sérès team.

This fourth act gives the advantage in the game to the Var team which, after several fine balls well played, finds itself in an ideal position to regain the mark but unfortunately Kevin Sérès, however impeccable since the start of the game, misses his first shooting and allows the favorites to take the lead on the scoreboard. 4 to 3.

A third lead launched with “masterful hands” by Marc Tierno who with his two balls manages to foil the entire opposing team. It’s a lead that will put the favorites in the right direction but Quintais and Suchaud fail to maximize their balls. Two more points for the favourites. The score is 3 points everywhere.

The second lead confirms the good impression we felt after the opening of the debates. Bryan Martinez is doing wonders in shooting, and his teammates are there. Philippe Suchaud misses one of his shots, and that is enough to unbalance the lead. The Varois take advantage of this and achieve a very good performance since they score three points. 3 to 1 for Seres against Tierno

The first lead already shows us that the opponents of the Tierno-Quintais-Suchaud triplet have quality. The shooter Bryan Martinez is precise and the two Sérès brothers are well on point, but opposite Quintais and Suchaud are solid and score a point. 1 to 0.

Bis repeated for one of the favorite teams of this 61st World Cup, the Marseillaise à pétanque. Philippe Quintais, Philippe Suchaud and Marc Tierno want to pass this framing stage to stay in the race for the grail.

Faced with a team of good players who are licensed in the Var formed by brothers Seres Kevin and Yohann associated with Bryan Martinez, the favorites will have to be wary, because this part promises to be more hung than the previous one.

It’s still just as hot in the alleys of Parc Borély, and after the meal, you’ll have to quickly get back into competition mode. At stake, a place in the 128 best teams of the competition.

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