La Marseillaise à pétanque 2022: Gayraud qualified for the 8th on the wire, a boiling game against Grandet

La Marseillaise à pétanque 2022: Gayraud qualified for the 8th on the wire, a boiling game against Grandet

The triplet of Gilles Gayraud manages to qualify for the round of 16 of the Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque not without difficulty against Grandet (13-11). The overwhelming heat was an additional adversary, this Tuesday, July 5 in Marseille.

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La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

40 degrees, at least. It’s not me who says it, it’s the Marseillais who came to attend the 16e final of the Mondial La Marseillaise under the dodger of the middle of the day. You have to love petanque to resist the urge to go for a dip a few hundred meters away.

The part is worth it. The Gayraud triplet meets the Grandet triplet to try to win the ticket for the 8th.

Thierry Grandet, three times world champion, is one of the major petanque players. He plays alongside Thierry Figueres and Joseph Gimenez.

The ground, just next to the France 3 square of honor is difficult, and very different from the paths of the Borély park. It has the characteristic of being crossed almost in the middle of a difficult passage, making the trajectory of the rolled balls more complicated.

Gilles Gayraud falls into the trap from the first lead. His acolytes for this Marseillaise: José Amaya, several times Bouches-du-Rhône champion, very big midfielder, and Anthony Michel, a young man with great qualities, particularly in shooting.

Grandet opened the scoring for this game with a 2-0. Particularity of this meeting, the levels are balanced, and the players often as good with the shootings as with the point.

Another adversary, the sun, which decided to make our 6 bowlers suffer. Water supplies arrive, the players wipe their brows.

At the end of the second lead, Gimenez misses his shot. This is a scored point for the Gayraud triplet. 1-2.

Gimenez shows that he knows how to hit, José Amaya gets very close to the stopper, before Grandet spreads his ball. In the stands, the spectators overheated. A mother and her daughter return from the beach, soaked. They dry in 5 minutes.

At the start of the fourth end, the score is 3-1 for Grandet. The two teams play on an equal level. No ball is wasted.

The gap will widen a little more. Grandet’s team takes three more points, thanks in particular to a powerful diamond from Gimenez. It’s 6-1 for Grandet.

In difficulty, the Gayraud triplet comes out in the 5th lead thanks to José Amaya who drowns the cork. The lead is cancelled.

The level is very good this Tuesday afternoon, and despite the 40 degrees, the torrents of sweat along the thighs, the players do not lose their footing.

Gayraud puts two additional points at the lead 7. (3-6). None of the players is below, no ball is frankly missed. The game is likely to last longer.

Eighth, not the best for the Grandet triplet. The tone rises slightly between the three players. For his part, the young Anthony Michel misses a ball but catches up on the second. 6-5 for Grandet.

Next to the field, we hear howls of joy. The Hatchadourian triplet has just won its game of 16th 13-4 against Bonetto.

Here it continues, and the heat begins to weigh on the organisms. “I’m in a daze”, loose Anthony Michel. And yet, he clings. The doors of the 8th are not far.

The rest of the game is like the beginning, tight, disputed, of the great petanque as we like it at La Marseillaise. Perhaps a little less spectacular than during the Quintais match for the 32e. But nice part nonetheless.

Grandet grabbed points little by little, 7-5, then 8-5. Gayraud returns to 6-8. Then Grandet takes a point, 9-6. And during this time, bottles of water are exchanged, to drink, to splash. To hold until the end of this inflamed part.

The Gayraud triplet often discusses the strategy to adopt before shooting or pointing. It’s also part of the show.

At the start of the 13th lead, Grandet is three points away from winning (10-6) and the triplet misses the victory. Marc Tierno, eliminated in 16th alongside Quintain and Suchaud, is in the front row, in the stands.

The score rises to 11-7 for Grandet, the end is near. Gayraud has not said his last word. Anthony, José and Gilles manage to go up to 11-9, then 11-10.

Everything is played in the 18th and last lead. José Amaya is spectacular in point, Anthony too. He finally holds the game ball in his hands. It’s won. Gayraud wins 13 to 11.

After 2h30 of play in the furnace, joy bursts on the face of Gilles Gayraud, qualified for the 8th.

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