Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook swapped?  Nets and Lakers discuss

Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook swapped? Nets and Lakers discuss

According to the latest information, Nets and Lakers would discuss a trade between Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook! Are we heading for the second big transfer of the summer?

It is one of the soap operas of this Free Agency: will Kyrie Irving and LeBron James be reunited on the side of Los Angeles at the start of the next school year? It is obviously the will of the two former friends from Cleveland and the slump that has invaded Brooklyn could well help to realize this scenario which seemed crazy a few weeks ago. The latest evidence is Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports who gives it to us. According to the often well-informed insider, Nets and Lakers have started “active discussions” around a trade between Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving. LA dreams of Uncle Drew but we will have to find common ground with Sean Marks first. According to Haynes, optimism reigns as to the possibility of reaching an agreement this summer but the two managements will have to agree on several elements. First of all, we will have to match salaries (Westbrook is at 47 million and Irving at 36.5) and that means that Kyrie may not be making the trip alone. Who to accompany him? First small disagreement since LA would like to recover the effective Seth Curry in addition while Brooklyn would like to get rid of the contract of Joe Harris, injured for many months now. Another question: how many picks will Rob Pelinka drop to bring Irving back to Hollywood?

While waiting for the two GMs to agree, we are getting closer to the second big transfer of the summer after Rudy Gobert and in the meantime – big suspense – that of Kevin Durant. KD on the way out, we suspected that Sean Marks and his minions were not going to retain mister Terre Plate, not in great terms with his management. The next step in Irving’s career therefore has a good chance of being called Los Angeles and it will be interesting to see the reunion with LeBron James. Leaving the Cavs in 2017 to flee the shadow of the King, Irving has chained disappointments, whether in Boston or Brooklyn, and his return to BronBron could allow him to relaunch his career. It was with the King that Uncle Drew lived his finest hours, his greatest feats of glory and the possibility of seeing a Big 3 James-Davis-Irving will make more than one observer salivate at the start of the school year. Lakers fans can’t wait, but before that, we’ll have to convince Sean Marks and the Nets.

Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook swapped? This is the scenario that seems most likely at the moment T but we will wait to see how the discussions turn out before getting carried away. The NBA is well known enough for its twists and turns.

Text source: Chris Haynes / Yahoo Sports

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