Isabelle Adjani, on the poster of "Peter von Kant", confides: "I am human, even if I am also a star"

Isabelle Adjani, on the poster of “Peter von Kant”, confides: “I am human, even if I am also a star”



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National icon actress Isabelle Adjani stars in François Ozon’s new film, “Peter von Kant”, in theaters on Wednesday July 6. She embodies, as in the next feature film by Nicolas Bedos, a diva character. An image that sticks to his skin.

Glamorous and mysterious. In peter von kant, Isabelle Adjani plays Sidonie, a movie star. Above all, she plays with her image. His character says in the film: “I’m a star, but I’m also human“. It’s also the way we look at the actress, who would rather answer: “I’m human, even if I’m also a star“.

At the Cannes Film Festival this year to present Masquerade, by Nicolas Bedos, she remains an ardent defender of the seventh art. “The battle is to get people to come back to the cinema, because it is very difficult for exhibitors to release films“, says Isabelle Adjani. The actress would have nothing against playing in a series for a platform, “from the moment the quality, the artistic requirement are there“, she specifies. The one who often uses the term “punk“, which means “something that isn’t politically correct, kick the obvious“, hope to be.

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