Is the ideal man a robot?  We decipher the film I'm your man

Is the ideal man a robot? We decipher the film I’m your man

In I’m Your Man, her film about a robot created to be the perfect man, Maria Schrader explores romantic relationships in the age of algorithms and dating apps.

I’m Your Man is a film by German director Maria Schrader. We discover Alma, a brilliant single researcher forty years old. She is chosen for test an innovation supposed to revolutionize love.

For three weeks, she must live with Tom, a robot designed to be her ideal man. The humanoid was programmed to measure according to Alma’s personality, desires and tastes, in order to make her happy…

The ideal guy

At first glance, one can find the scenario of I’m Your Man quite predictable. Alma is at first exasperated by this man-robot so perfect it’s annoying. But gradually, she gets caught up in the game and seems feel a certain affection for him.

It must be said that the film succeeds to propose an original and interesting android character. Paradoxically, it’s Tom’s perfection that makes him clumsy, fun and touching. There is a form of left naivety in his way to perform the codes of male seduction far too seriously. For example, he explodes the barometer of outdatedness as soon as he meets Alma when he declaims to her: “ Your eyes are like an alpine lake in which I want to drown. »

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feminism and science fiction

Despite a starting situation that is science fiction, the film raises current and very real themes. The company that manufactures robots appears to be a real Tinder 2.0. The algorithm is no longer content to choose the profiles that “match us best” as on a dating application: he brings them to life by creating them from scratch.

I'm your man Maria Schrader
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Gold, I’m your man shows how a situation presented as innovative is only the extension of the patriarchy. In this, the film has a powerful feminist reach. the business that blooms around of the partner so much perfect return to the injunction made to women to be in a relationship. Nobody seems to understand her since Tom has everything to be perfect. However, Alma faces unease and existential questions in front of this injunction to fulfillment.

Moreover, we see that the experience of men is very different. The film shows another tester, who declares himself fulfilled by his relationship with a robot. It is about a sixty-year-old accompanied by an android thin, blonde and twice his age

I'm your man
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Ultimately, I’m your man offer a fascinating reflection on romantic relationships in the era where algorithms choose for us what suits us… while being careful not to jeopardize the patriarchy.

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