Is Les Bronzés 4 finally relevant?

Is Les Bronzés 4 finally relevant?

Could there be a sequel to “Bronzés 3” broadcast tonight on TF1? What about a 4th part? We take stock of the latest news.

Soon a 4th episode of Les Bronzés? After the huge box office of the 3rd installment Friends for Life, released in February 2006, with more than 10 million admissions, the question often comes up, especially since the three films of the Splendid troupe continue to be regularly rebroadcast on television, like this evening on TF1.

The Splendid troupe is therefore regularly questioned to find out if a Bronzés 4 is in the works. Is that the case ? Everything suggests that… no!

More than 10 million admissions in 2006 for Les Bronzés 3!

Arnaud Borrel

On the set of Bronzés 3, huge box of the year 2006 at the cinema.

The project would not be topical. Rewarded with a trophy of honor at the Césars in 2021, the band spoke on the subject: “None of us has an idea that deserves to make a Bronzés 4. It’s not easy to conceive a good story where we all have equal roles. And then, it would feel warm“, had indicated Michel Blanc in the columns of Gala. In 2018, the actor famous for his character of Jean-Claude Dusse had already declared to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure that such a project would have “never” venue.

I have a specific project on this subject… which we will never do!

In November 2018, Patrice Leconte, director of the cult trilogy, still hinted at an idea for a scenario with a low probability that it would lead to something concrete. “My secret dream is to do Les Bronzés 4 in a retirement homehe confided. A bit like La Fin du jour by Julien Duvivier with a retirement home for actors, but not only. And, why not, make the film entirely in black and white“.

The scenario writer was not the only one to think of a fourth part. Thomas Langmann, producer of the Mesrine diptych and the Stars 80 saga, for his part had very seriously considered relaunching the adventures of the merry troupe by confronting it with a new generation of comedians. In parallel with his idea of ​​a retirement home, Patrice Leconte had then imagined that Jérôme (Christian Clavier), pretending to be on the point of death, had summoned his friends around a bogus project of a holiday club.

Thomas Langmann, he left on a completely different proposal. No more question of sending the Bronzés on vacation. The day before taking their plane, a whole bunch of unforeseen events came to thwart their plan to escape to the sun. Original on paper, this idea will remain a dead letter.

While waiting for a hypothetical sequel more than 16 years after the last part, TF1 is rebroadcasting this evening Les Bronzés 3 Friends for life.

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