Incidents at the Stade de France: RATP video surveillance images also destroyed

Incidents at the Stade de France: RATP video surveillance images also destroyed

Just like the CCTV images of the Stade de France, those recorded by the RATP cameras during the incidents on the sidelines of the Champions League final were destroyed. This Friday, June 10, the public company indicated that it could not provide them to justice.

It had already been established that the CCTV images of the Stade de France, recorded during the incidents which occurred on the evening of the Champions League final, were lost. But, this Friday, June 10, the RATP indicated that it should not be counted on its own either.

A spokesperson for the Paris public transport company spoke on this subject, saying that “the retention period for videos from video protection cameras is 72 hours for storage reasons”. “Without legal requisition, they are automatically overwritten by new recordings,” he added.

Those of the SNCF preserved

On the other hand, the images of the SNCF were preserved. “CCTV footage is normally automatically erased after three days. In the case of the events at the Stade de France, the automatic deletion of the images has been blocked and the images have been kept, as authorized by the legislation for a period of 30 days, ”explained a spokesperson to AFP .

He also added that this data was requisitioned on Friday by the authorities.

The two operators have an extensive network of cameras, including those of metro line 13 (RATP) and those of RER B and D (SNCF), which serve the Stade de France in Saint-Denis.

Police headquarters images available

The question of the destruction of CCTV images is at the heart of a lively controversy. During his hearing in the Senate, the director of institutional affairs of the French Football Federation (FFF), Erwan Le Prévost, had indicated that they were systematically destroyed after seven days, except for the requisition of justice. A justification similar, therefore, to that of the RATP.

The police, responsible for investigating the counterfeit tickets that circulated massively during the final, still asked Thursday evening to see the images of the violence filmed by the cameras at the Stade de France. A source in the case said he “still hopes” to recover them, without giving further details.

The police headquarters also recalled that its own images were available to the courts.

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