In his film NOPE, Jordan Peele denounces "the toxicity of our addiction to the spectacle"

In his film NOPE, Jordan Peele denounces “the toxicity of our addiction to the spectacle”

As the theatrical release date of Nope approaches (August 10, 2022 in France), director Jordan Peele revealed the major exciting themes of his next film: science fiction, UFOs, and racism of course.

Waiting for the release of Nope at the cinema August 10, the hypotheses continue to fuse around the new film by Jordan Peele. After unveiling a trailer full of unexpected surprises, the master of social horror has spoken.

An immersive experience

Of get-out at UsJordan Peele’s films are always master class of the kind. They shine with their ability to piss us off all in deploying exciting interpretation tracks. If we know that Boop will tackle the mysteries of the science fiction and UFOwe are already wondering what societal and philosophical themes will cross it.

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At a interview with the American magazine EmpireJordan Peele mentioned a few tracks in preview. “I started by wanting to make a film that would immerse the audience in the immersive experience of the presence of a UFO “. But he explained that from this starting point, the about the film had expanded :

I wanted to create a show, something that would showcase my favorite art form, but also my favorite way to consume that art form: the cinematic experience. When I started writing the screenplay, I started digging into the very nature of the show, our addiction to the show and the insidious nature of theWarning. This is what my film is about. »

The Erasing of Black People in Film History

The power of Jordan Peele’s cinema is reveal the omnipresence of politics and especially of racism, including in its most insidious forms. Thus, to speak of the history of the cinematographic spectacle is also to question eviction of black people of this story. He explains : “The part of African-American history that is being discussed is the ‘spectacularization’ of black people, as well as our erasure, industry and many things. » :

“I think in many ways this film is a response to the music video by Muybridge, which was the first series of photographs put in sequential order to create a moving image. It was a black man on a horse. We know who Eadweard Muybridge is, the man who created the clip, but we don’t know who that guy on the horse is. He’s the first movie star, the first animal trainer, the first stuntman ever filmed, and no one knows who he is! This erasure is part of what the main characters in this film are trying to correct. They are trying to claim their rightful place as part of the show. And what the film also deals with is the toxic nature of our addiction to spectacle. »

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