Igor Tudor at OM, he is already announcing a disaster

Igor Tudor at OM, he is already announcing a disaster

Future coach of Olympique de Marseille, Igor Tudor is not unanimous. His imminent appointment is making some skeptics because of his inexperience at the highest level.

Often annoyed by the possession game last season, the faithful of the Vélodrome should be less bored with Igor Tudor. The next coach Marseille Olympics will try to set up a dynamic and forward-looking game. This announces a good show during the meetings of the vice-champion of France. And yet, the former coach of Hellas Verona is not unanimous among specialists, starting with Jonatan MacHardy who fears his inexperience at the highest level.

I think Pablo Longoria is taking a huge riskwarned the columnist of RMC. We often say that a player who is having a very good Ligue 1 season is not necessarily ready to sign for OM, that we are waiting to see, that all of this requires confirmation. I’m not a Premier League fan, but Serie A is my favorite league after Ligue 1. I watch a lot of matches. Hellas Verona, I’ve seen it quite a few times. It’s a team that has certainly put on a lot of show in Serie A, but when you look a little bit at who Igor Tudor is, forgive me, but I’m a little scared. »

For me, he is a coach who has only had one good season so far. As for a player who only had a good season in Ligue 1, I have this doubt for Igor Tudorunderlined the specialist. Admittedly, his season at Hellas is really very good. There was play, it was interesting to see, there were very few moments when we were bored during their matches, he also had a very good team at his disposal with players brought to pass a Cape. But that scares me, because OM must imperatively requalify in the Champions League. »

“He has no experience in the European Cup”

We know that there is a deadline that will arrive in 2024, it is the reform of the Champions League. For that, OM must secure a place in the top three in the years to come. Tudor will not be able to give an absolute guarantee of a very high place in the ranking. There’s a chance we’ll see some play, but he’s only had one good season. The results were good, but that’s the only one where he did good. And above all he has no experience in the European Cup, in the Champions League “, alerted Jonatan MacHardy, worried after the choice of the president.

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