If the battery of your mobile phone is discharging quickly: you should consider deactivating this option

If the battery of your mobile phone is discharging quickly: you should consider deactivating this option

Mobile phone use often involves high energy consumption. The autonomy of the battery could be impacted in particular because of certain greedy functions that we forget to deactivate most of the time. Check out the top phone options that drain the battery fast!

Some features significantly impact battery life. In order not to find yourself with a discharged telephone in the middle of a telephone conversation, certain reflexes should be adopted on a daily basis to reduce energy consumption. It starts with identifying the most energy-intensive functions in order to limit their use.

Which features are best turned off to conserve phone battery?

Most recent smartphones incorporate new and useful features in everyday life. Although most of these functions consume a lot of energy, they do not require permanent use. So, if you notice that your phone battery is draining fast, uninstall the following functions!

– The GPS function on the phone and applications


GPS – Source: spm

The location option remains one of the main energy-consuming functions of the phone. Some apps use it in the background. To deactivate it, simply access “Settings” then “Location”, click on “Permissions for the application”. By doing so, you will have access to the list of applications that use it in the background. Click an app to disallow it. In addition to using GPS, some apps work with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In order to disable this option for apps, tap the three buttons at the top right of the “Location” tab, then tap “Show system apps” to disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth search for location. If you have an iPhone, go to “Settings”, “Privacy” then to “Location Services”.

– Google support on the phone

Google Support

Google Support – Source: spm

Among features to disable on the phone to save batterywe find the famous Ok Google. Although practical in everyday life, this function involves constant standby which consumes energy. It is useless then to keep it active all day if you do not use it. Open the Google application then in the “More” tab, click on “Settings”. In “Voice”, you will have access to the “Voice Match” menu then, deactivate the “Access with Voice Match” function. This way, your phone will no longer react to saying “OK Google”. Only the manual use of voice command will be maintained. On iPhone, it is possible to prevent the classic voice control of Siri by accessing “Settings”, “Accessibility”, then side button on an iPhone X or home button on another iPhone. On ‘Hold to talk’, select the ‘Off’ option.

– Notifications on the phone

Notifications Phone

Phone notifications – Source: spm

Sometimes the phone is overwhelmed with notifications. Most of the time, they are unnecessary and have a negative impact on energy consumption. To preserve the autonomy of the phone, it is better to sort through your main applications. To do this, access the “Settings” menu, then in “Apps and notification” access “Notifications”. In the recently sent notifications, tap on “Show all” from the last seven days. Based on the list of recent notifications, you’ll have the option to turn off the ones you don’t need. To do this on an iPhone, go to “Settings” then, “Notifications”.

The aforementioned functions are certainly an indisputable source of energy consumption. In addition to deactivating these options, it is advisable to adopt additional gestures to best preserve the autonomy of the telephone.

– Activate power saving mode on the phone

This mode is specially designed to limit the impact of the various functions on battery life. To do this, go to “Settings” then to “Battery”, enter “Battery saver” then “Activate now”. It is even possible to configure this option so that it activates automatically. On iPhone, open the phone’s “Settings”, then in “Battery”, activate this mode. Thus, this mode will reduce functions such as 4G, automatic locking, brightness, automatic downloads, etc.

– Use the phone’s adaptive battery

This option is for Android phones only. Most recent smartphones that integrate this function manage to identify greedy applications and close them when they are in the background. In order to activate this option, access the “Settings” of the phone and “Battery”, click on “Other battery settings” then check if the Adaptive battery section is indeed activated.

You now have an idea of ​​all the functions that consume the most energy on the phone. By adopting the right reflexes, you will know how to best optimize the autonomy of your smartphone.

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