"I lost 2 hours of my life": this Netflix film is brought down in flames by subscribers

“I lost 2 hours of my life”: this Netflix film is brought down in flames by subscribers

Netflix makes sure to offer its subscribers productions from all over the world. If Spanish programs are definitely popular with its subscribers (Elite, Money Heist, Intimidation), the same can be said of South Korean projects (Squid Game has notably become the most popular series in the history of the streaming platform). To satisfy its spectators from all over the world, but also to highlight the talent of directors from all over the world, the company at N rouge is also increasingly offering productions made in Nigeria. After the success of the very violent Òlòtūré or of Blood Sistersthe first Nigerian series co-produced by Netflixthe streaming giant unveiled Glamor Girls on June 24th. It is necessary to believe that the intrigue around five luxury escort girls who quickly found themselves embroiled in a story of murder aroused the curiosity of the spectators. And for good reason, barely a week after releasethe film directed by Bunmi Ajakaiye was placed in 6th position of the most viewed content of the moment. However, Glamor Girls is it really appreciated by the spectators? Before revealing the impressions of Internet users, Here’s a little plot reminder!

Glamor Girls on Netflix, what is it about?

Although gloomy and sometimes oppressive, the dark world of life for escort girls is fascinating. It is therefore quite natural that many Netflix subscribers have been curious to learn more about it. Glamor Girls follows the fate of women trying to make their own way in a particularly misogynistic environment. Sometimes, they have to face terrible interlocutors, even if it means putting their lives in danger. If on paper the film has everything to pleasewhat do Internet users really think of Glamor Girls ? It’s time for the tweet review!

Internet users not at all enthusiastic about Glamor Girls

Whether Glamor Girls manages to interest some spectators, who do not hesitate to say it on Twitter, the majority of the others are unanimous: the film does not convince them, for several reasons. “The movie Glamor girls on netflix is ​​slammed don’t watch”, “So I wasted 2 hours of time watching #GlamourGirls, only to have a pathetic ending and lots of questions in my head of why? How? Because of who/what?”, “Glamour Girls is a good crap if you want to watch something to kill time and criticize at will while smiling”, “#GlamourGirls A sluggish if not non-existent plot”, “Otherwise, as usual with a lot of Nollywood new wave movies, Glamor Girls = budget, a cast of pretty girls, a flat plot and a fishtail ending. I knew that before I watched, I I was right all along the line, in short”, “The film glamorous girls I did not understand the sequence of events”, “nothing is wrong with this thing! The wigs, the grimaces, the acting!”, “miserable acting!”.

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