Hugo Lloris, captain of the Blues, before the match in Austria: "We are back to the wall"

Hugo Lloris, captain of the Blues, before the match in Austria: “We are back to the wall”

“After the defeat against Denmark at home (2-1) and the draw in Croatia (1-1), do you have a spirit of revenge in Austria?
We have our backs against the wall in this group stage. We mustn’t take away the good things we were able to do, but we are short of points. Denmark took six points. We are obliged to take three points if we want to qualify for the rest.

“We are going to test this field well in training. And choose the right crampons »

Hugo Lloris, about the story of the hole in the lawn

N’Golo Kanté was injured and in the stands in Croatia. What is his state of mind?
It is rather up to him to express himself. What he is going through must be frustrating on a personal level. I don’t know if it will be available (Didier Deschamps said he would not participate in the training session). But in any case, he gives himself every chance.

How do you live this hole in the lawn story?
It’s quite hard to believe it. When we see images, it looks like a montage. They checked everything out. There is still a little apprehension. We are going to test this pitch well in training. And choose the right crampons.

What kind of opposition do you expect against Austria?
Since taking charge of the new coach (Ralf Rangnick), there is a new identity. There is a big pressure when the ball is lost. They are able to repeat efforts. It’s up to us not to be trapped and to make the best use of the depth.

How did the team experience this change of system against Croatia?
We adapt to the system and we have to respond to all the problems. I don’t necessarily have a preference. The desire to win is common. It has to go through effort. Winning comes through sacrifices and the ability to surpass oneself. You have to know how to win in another way. You have to be able to make the right decisions. The breeder seeks the best balance.

How do you judge the rotation introduced by Didier Deschamps and particularly in your position with Mike Maignan in Croatia?
The group of goalkeepers with Franck Raviot is close. Mike had a good game. The rotation system is a good thing at this time. Whoever the player is on the field, we are there for the good of the team.

How do you experience the debate on competition for the goalkeeper position?
Honestly, I don’t know what is being said. The reality is that competition exists in high performance sport. In my case, it has always existed. The France team is the best players in each position. The coach and his staff make choices

What do you think of the personality and the player Ibrahima Konaté?
It is a person that I discover. It brings a lot of freshness. He is coming off a big season at Liverpool. He seems ready for the challenge. »


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