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How will Deadpool find a place in the MCU?

Time is starting to get long for fans of Dead Pool. Almost four years after the second installment, the sequel is still in the pipeline. But she comes and She’ll be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is what screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were kind enough to reveal about this long-awaited next installment…

Deadpool, a UFO in the MCU

Deadpool has a special place in the hearts of Marvel fans. Antihero par excellence, we adore him for his humor, his sarcasm, his outspokenness and his way of regularly breaking the fourth wall. His raw and vulgar language is far from what the MCU has accustomed us to, but Disney has promised that the next opus dedicated to the hero will always be R-Rated, ie prohibited to people under 17 in the United States. Which is already good news. Many feared, indeed, that Disney’s takeover of Fox would result in the watering down of Marvel’s antihero.

One of the other big questions fans have is how Deadpool will fit into the MCU. Yes, this is a third film and, normally, there is no question of rebooting the saga as was the case with Spiderman in 2016. So how is this going to be addressed in the movie and the Marvel Universe?

Luckily, between Loki, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the multiverse is now at the heart of the MCU and we imagine that this arc should greatly facilitate the arrival of Deadpool. Nothing shocking to see this good old Wayne Wilson arrive, then. Despite everything, many questions remain as the film has so many challenges to overcome.

As far as we know, Ryan Reynolds will once again don the red and black jumpsuit while Shawn Levy will, once again, be behind the cameras. On the screenplay side, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese always respond to the call. And the latter, precisely, wanted to enlighten the fans on the continuation of the adventures of Deadpool.

The scriptwriters thus compare Deadpool 3 to a fish out of water, something out of its element. They go deeper into explaining that Deadpool is a crazy character. It’s a UFO at Marvel. And when such a perched character arrives in a sane world like the one offered by the MCU, it’s a godsend. And, above all, it promises to be very funny. We want to believe them. The Deadpool/MCU clash should be interesting to see.

One thing is certain: the antihero should not bend to fit into the boxes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We imagine that Disney has understood the reasons that make the charm of the character in the eyes of fans and should exploit them. Deadpool would therefore be the black sheep of the MCU family. And we love him for that, by the way.

At the moment, we don’t know more about Deadpool 3 but it shouldn’t take long. We can’t wait to have more information on the cast and the plot but also a release date. Patience, patience…

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