How to take a screenshot on PC?  It's very simple, these small steps are enough

How to take a screenshot on PC? It’s very simple, these small steps are enough

Taking a screenshot is an easy but important technique. If you are shown how to perform it on your computer, it is because it is not only useful for demonstrating a computer program or for accessing online resources when you do not have the Internet. Here is the best way to take a screenshot on your PC.

Taking screenshots is an operation that is not known to everyone. So we explain to you how to do it on your PC in a few steps.

woman in front of pc

Woman in front of her computer screen – Source: spm

Simple steps to take a screenshot on your PC

Most modern computers with a Windows 10 operating system, these instructions are based on the functionality of the latter. Below, we show you that a screenshot is very simple as you will see through these steps:

You will first locate at the top right of your keyboard the “Prt scr” or “Prt. screen” and then tap it. Using this hotkey, the screenshot will be copied to your computer. Once done, you can paste the image directly into the program you are using whether Paint, Word or other. You are free to resize the screenshot or save it in the format you want.

keyboard keys

Keyboard keys – Source: spm

If you just want to record the screen automatically, you’re going to need to use a key combination. To do this, all you have to do is simultaneously press the Windows key represented by the logo and the Print screen or Prt scr key if you have an English keyboard. You will notice that your screen has briefly darkened. This indicates that the screenshot was successfully taken and saved. You will find it in the Images folder then Screenshots.

Another method to take a screenshot on your PC

Other techniques exist to take a screenshot and they can also be just as practical depending on the situation:

– Windows snipping tool method

This technique has the merit of being an interesting alternative and is even more interesting if you want to personalize the capture taken by you. The tool in question is installed by default in Windows and to use it you will first click on the start menu or press the Windows key then write in the search bar the word “screen capture tool”. You will see the “Screenshot” program appear. Tap on it and you will see that you have 4 screenshot modes available in the “Mode” tab: The full screen capture which allows you to capture the entire screen, the rectangular capture which allows you to target a section of the screen, the window capture which will only capture the window of a program displayed screen and free-form capture that allows you to manually adjust the part of the screen to capture.

use of mouse

Using a computer mouse – Source: spm

Choose screenshot mode that suits you then click on “New” before choosing the part of the screen you want to capture. The software then displays the capture you have taken, leaving you the choice to modify it as you see fit. For this, several editing options are available to you such as the pencil, eraser or marker to enter annotations or mark details. It is also this integrated Windows tool that can be used for Powerpoint slides in the context of a presentation in a company, in a seminar or at school.

All you have to do is save the image that you can use in a Word document, Photoshop, Illustrator or simply as an attachment!

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