How to recover deleted photos from your cell phone?  It is however very simple

How to recover deleted photos from your cell phone? It is however very simple

Android or iPhone mobile users have all already been confronted at least once with an unfortunate deletion of photos present in their gallery. This is a common situation that can be unfortunate because we lose immortalized moments of life. Fortunately, this accidental photo deletion error has been resolved by many manufacturers.

It also happens that we delete photos thinking that they take up too much space on our mobile or that it is no longer necessary to keep them, but after a while we want them back. Even if you think they’ve disappeared from your phone, don’t panic! Here’s how to return them!

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Some files may be accidentally deleted from our mobile. Whether it is an image, a video, a document or a contact, these files may be useful to us one day, even if we have knowingly deleted them. Find out how to recover them if you have a smartphone with the Android or iOS operating system.

If you have an Android mobile phone, the most convenient tool to recover deleted photos is Google Photos. These apps are usually pre-installed on your phone. Once you create an account for one of your apps, your smartphone will sync all your phone data (photos and videos) saving them.

If you accidentally deleted a photo, you can recover it from the Trash, a folder where you can find all deleted images and videos. The capacity of the folder is quite large and can support up to 1.5 GB of memory with media files. The most important thing to know is that these files will only be available for 60 days after they are deleted. Once the time expires, you will never be able to recover them, as they will be automatically deleted.ruits by application.

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Apple mobile users can easily recover media files that have been deleted. Their recovery process is as easy as with phones android.

To recover them, you need to access the Photos app installed on your device. Select the ‘Albums’ option, located at the bottom of your phone screen. There you will find a folder named “Recently Deleted” which contains the latest images you deleted.

After selecting the images you want to recover in your phone, select the ‘Recover’ option. Unlike the Google Photos app, on the iPhone photos are stored no later than 30 days after they are deleted, after which they are permanently destroyed.

However, even though the 30 days have expired, iPhone users can recover deleted files. The Backup feature can help, but you need to save your photos and other data to iCloud. You can then reset your smart phone back to its original factory settings and choose the backup version that contains the photos you want.

If you haven’t applied any of these steps, chances are that your files can never be recovered.

It is therefore necessary to activate one of its functions to avoid this problem.

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