How to find a stolen phone?  The trick that saves you a lot of trouble

How to find a stolen phone? The trick that saves you a lot of trouble

No one is immune to a lost or stolen mobile phone. With recent advances in technology, it is now easier to protect your phone. Discover an ingenious option that allows you to secure your device, even in the event of theft!

If you have lost your phone or if you have been the victim of a theft, it is then necessary to react as quickly as possible by adopting the best gestures. Securing your phone should then be your first instinct. For this, many security options are available on most smartphones. They not only make it easier to track the mobile after a theft but also give you access to your phone remotely. We give you the main tips.

To prevent a thief from accessing your smartphone, a range of remote security options can be activated. However, these anti-theft apps won’t help you with a turned off phone. Therefore, your priority will be to activate an option on your settings to prevent the thief from pressing the OFF button on your phone.

– Enable automatic phone lock

The first thing to do to protect your mobile phone is to choose a lock code or a locking pattern that you can memorize. Then favor complicated passwords made up of letters, symbols and numbers.

To configure a screen lock on an Android phone, open the “Settings” then in “Security”, you will have to choose a type of screen lock (code, pattern or password). From then on, it will be easier to activate the automatic locking option of the phone.

On an iPhone, go to “Settings”, then in “Display & Brightness”, click on “Auto Lock” to choose the idle time before the phone turns off. However, you must first configure the lock mode. To do this, go to “Settings”, then touch “Face ID and code” or “Touch ID and code” depending on your phone model. Then tap on “Activate code” or “Change code”. Thus, in case of theft, your phone will be locked and inaccessible.

Other tips to protect your phone in case of theft

Apart from locking the phone which wastes the thief’s time, there are other useful tricks that will protect your device from any intrusion. However, you have to be in anticipation by configuring your phone for this purpose.

– Allow phone location to delete your data

The first instinct to adopt, even if your phone screen is locked, is to delete your data. For this, it is essential to activate the location settings beforehand. Your phone will also need to be connected to the internet and Google settings. Then, you will have to access the “Settings” of the phone then, in the “Security” section, press “Find my device”. This action will not only allow you to ring the device remotely, lock it or disconnect it from your Google account, see its last location, but also erase data remotely. To access this option, go to the website and enter your Google account credentials. Then enter your Google ID. After locating your phone, you will be able to press “Delete” which will appear on a tab on the left of the map. If you have an iPhone, use the iCloud site or the Search app, if it’s another Apple device to erase data remotely.

Please note that by activating this option, your data will be permanently deleted.

– Make regular backups of phone data

In case of theft, it is essential to directly delete your data so that they do not end up in the hands of a foreign person. Since your media files are precious, they should be kept in a safe place. That’s why, automatic cloud backup to keep them safe from evildoers is the best thing to do. The advantage of the Android system is that some important data such as contacts, SMS, call history are automatically saved to your Google account. For WhatsApp messages, it is better to activate the automatic backup of conversations to Google Drive. To do this, go to “Settings”, “Discussions” then in “Backup discussions”, press “Backup”. As for your photos, it is possible to use the services of Google Photos to make backups on the Cloud. However, free storage is limited to 15 GB.

Now you know what to do if your phone is lost or stolen. All you have to do is secure your laptop in advance with a password and take the right steps to recover your data.

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