How do you know if your email address has been hacked?  This simple test helps you find out

How do you know if your email address has been hacked? This simple test helps you find out

From now on, having an email address is required for administrative tasks but also for professional and personal life. Sometimes this can be hacked. Find out how to find out and protect yourself.

If you suspect that your email address has been hacked, there are some tips that allow you to confirm it. Some clues may let you know that a hacker has taken over the platform where you receive your email.

Electronic mail or e-mail service is one of the most widely used communication tools in the world. Some elements can confirm you that a malicious person has taken over your account.

e-mail address

Email address – Source: spm

– Your email address may fall prey to cybercriminals

If it is important to be careful when opening an email account, it is because your confidential data can be coveted by hackers who can through phishing or spam attacks. seize some of your personal data. These can take the form of service emails. Click on links in this post allows the cybercriminal to steal your email address. If you think this is your case, there are some clues that will allow you to be sure and protect yourself from it. And for good reason, online account holders may not realize that they have been hacked. Your phone may also have been attacked. This can be the case via the Whatsapp application.

– Some messages in your email address are “read” without you having opened them

Seeing that some of your messages have been read is irrefutable proof that your mailbox has been hacked. A message that informs you that you have accessed the address through another device is also. If your friends report to you that you have sent them suspicious messages, on social networks or by e-mail, it is legitimate worry about identity theft. An attacker can steal your social media passwords and post statuses on your behalf.

warning sign

Warning sign – Source: spm

– Some sites can confirm if your email address has been hacked

If you want to know if your email address has been hacked, there is a website that can let you know. If you visit the site and enter your e-mail address in the field provided, you will know if a cybercriminal has access to your email. Often hackers can send emails that are actually phishing, also known as phishing. This is a technique used by fraudsters to usurp your identity and gain access to your bank details. To do this, they can pretend to be a trusted third party such as the bank, insurance, telephone operator and take your money by direct debit. Make sure the link you opened is secure. For your safety, it is important to not keeping certain things in your wallet.

internet hacking

Hacking on the internet – Source: spm

To prevent hacking and all its consequences, setting up a secure password is essential in order to protect yourself against cyberattacks. To do this, it is recommended to integrate special characters such as ! @, #, $, %, ^, &, * and digits to increase your online security. You can also alternate upper and lower case for stronger editing. For better security on the Internet, it is crucial not to reveal your password to anyone, not to send it by e-mail or instant messaging or to connect with an unsecured computer. If your address is in this list, it is recommended that you change it.

One thing is certain: malicious fraudsters can covet your password to steal your identity, blackmail you or even steal your money.

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