Hollow Knight: Silksong Day One in Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass?

Hollow Knight: Silksong Day One in Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass?

Game news Hollow Knight: Silksong Day One in Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass?

This is perhaps one of the most anticipated titles by gamers. More than three years after its first presentation, Hollow Knight: Silksong is terribly desired as the community watches for any information about it. The sequel to the Metroidvania nugget was absent from the big Summer Game Fest evening but could well make an appearance during the Xbox conference. Also, a leaker’s recent tweet hints that the game will be released on Game Pass on day one. Be careful, tweezers are in order.

Silksong, the Arlesian of the video game industry

First released in 2017, Hollow Knight immediately became a Metroidvania reference. Team Cherry’s work put everyone in the video game industry and continues to win over a large part of the public today. After this first success, the players logically waited impatiently for a sequel.

This sequel was quickly announced by the studio with silk songadditional content that eventually took the form of a full-fledged title. Except that since its announcement in 2019, the project has been relatively discreet. Every year, the video game world waits with hope for the return of Silksong among the releases of the year. In 2022 again, we are still watching for any news from Team Cherry’s game.

It’s only recently that an exchange of Tweets between Geoff Keighley, organizer of the Summer Game Fest, and Matthew Griffin, Marketing Director for Silksong, set the powder on fire. We then expected the presence of the game during the Summer Game Fest evening, but ultimately Silksong did not show up. Can we expect an announcement during the next major conference this month of June, namely the event dedicated to Xbox and Bethesda? In any case, this is what the recent Tweet from a hitherto well-informed leaker suggests.

One Tweet to rule them all

It’s the crazy rumor that ignites the web: Not only will Hollow Knight Silksong appear at the Microsoft party, but the game will also be available as soon as it is released in the Game Pass. The information is obviously to be taken with the greatest tweezers. It comes to us from the leaker “Snitch”a new Twitter insider who however quickly gained credibility after sharing the entire line-up of Sony’s latest State of Play, as well as the preview release date of The Last of Us Part I.

The Tweet only includes the bare minimum. We can see an image from Hollow Knight, accompanied by the mention “Day One” alongside a green dot. Quite thin details it must be recognized, but which nevertheless remain one could not be more equivocal. To confirm this rumor, you will have to attend the conference given by Microsoft on Sunday June 12 from 7 p.m.

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