Henry Thomas has a good reason not to shoot the ET sequel

Henry Thomas has a good reason not to shoot the ET sequel

After the disappearance of screenwriter Melissa Mathison, the actor considers that it no longer really makes sense…

ET: The Extra-Terrestrial celebrates its 40th anniversary this year: it was released precisely on June 11, 1982 in the United States and on December 1 in France. Its main actor, Henry Thomaswho played Elliott as a child, is now 50 years old, and he explains to slashfilm why he wouldn’t want to star in a sequel to Steven Spielberg’s cult film.

“I think it has to stay as one movie, but there have been conversations about a sequel, explains the actor. We talked about it from the beginning of the 1980s, because the studio pushed us in this direction given the success it had had in the cinema. But I do not know. I think it’s very sad that we lost Melissa Mathison, the screenwriter ofAND., because if anyone could have given her a sequel, it was her. She would have provided the best way to continue the story. But now I don’t know. Truly not. I believe that The advertisement (tour in 2019, editor’s note) is the closest thing to a sequence ofAND That’s why Spielberg agreed to do it.”

ET the Extra-Terrestrial: The Mirror Film of Poltergeist

AND was indeed a huge success for Universal in 1982. Its presentation at the closing of the Cannes Film Festival at the time caused a sensation, and then it collected more than 700 million dollars worldwide. For eleven years, he was thus enthroned in the top of the biggest hits of all time, before being doubled by another big hit by Steven Spielberg: Jurassic Park. In France, AND attracted 9.4 million theatrical viewers. Melissa Mathison was Harrison Ford’s wife at the time, and it’s on the set ofIndianaJones that he convinced her to collaborate with the filmmaker. They later worked together again on The Good Big Giantbut the film was released after the screenwriter died in 2015.

Since this unique experience in a career, Henry Thomas has continued to tour regularly in Hollywood: he plays in particular in Fall Legendsby Edward Zwick (1994), or in Gangs of New York, by Martin Scorsese (2002). He found his way back to success recently thanks to Mike Flanagan, who offered him roles in his horror films and series: Jessie, Doctor Sleep, The Haunting of Hill House or midnight sermons.

Here’s the ad he’s talking about:

The nod to ET well hidden in The Haunting of Hill House


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