Hellboy 3: Ron Perlman really wants to relaunch Guillermo Del Toro's trilogy

Hellboy 3: Ron Perlman really wants to relaunch Guillermo Del Toro’s trilogy

Fifteen years later Hellboy II: The Cursed Golden Legions, Ron Perlman continue to advocate for a Hellboy 3 by Guillermo del Toro can see the light of day.

Despite all the enthusiasm that there has been and that there may still be around the first two Hellboy directed by Guillermo Del Toro, the filmmaker did not manage to conclude his trilogy, neither then nor now. In 2017, the Mexican tried to revive the project before explaining on Twitter that this sequel would never happen. This would be due to refusal of Mike Mignola (creator of the character) to leave the field open to a new adaptation after the failure of the last film of 2019, directed by Neil Marshall.

Since then, Guillermo Del Toro has turned the page. After the Oscar winner The Shape of Water and the recent Nightmare Alleyhe devoted himself to his own version of Pinocchio for Netflix. Very busy, he definitely seems to have resigned himself to no longer wasting his energy on a conclusion to his own Hellboy story, years later. However, this is not the case with his friend and main actor of the character, Ron Pearlman.

But… it’s not Hellboy 3?

In an interview with First, Ron Perlman explained that he did not despair thathell boy 3 emerges in a few years. He thus quickly returned to his desire to take over the role and especially to his opinion of the film and his divergence with Guillermo Del Toro on the third opus:

He turned the page, but I see things differently. I have the feeling that we absolutely have to finish this trilogy. Because our Hellboy films were designed to be in three parts. Except that we only made two! The story is not over. We need to tell what happens next […] It’s not so much that we have a difference of opinion on this subject, Guillermo and I, it’s above all that we have a difference of agendas! He does other things… (…) I gave you my location. I never mean never…”

Hellboy II: The Cursed Golden Legions: Photo, Ron PerlmanTo say that there are some who find the time long between two Avatars

If the stars are aligned again, maybe we will have the unexpected hell boy 3. As long as Ron Perlman continues to wait for the final episode of his trilogy, we’ll say there’s still a little to believe. Or at least enough to dream of what the film could have been, while making us want to dive back into the first two.


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