The intimate?  For Marion Rousse, it's taboo!

“Harassment”: A handrail filed against Marion Rousse!

The consultant from France Télévisions pushed the designer Espé to file a handrail, because he considers himself the victim of “harassment” on his part. He criticizes Marion Rousse for regularly evoking the caricature he had made of her in 2020.

Sébastien Portet is angry. This cartoonist, known under the pseudonym “Espé”, criticizes Marion Rousse for too often evoking the caricature he had made of her in 2020, where the France Télévisions consultant was represented in undress, in the bed of her companion Julian Alaphilippe.

“For a week, after the interview with Madame Rousse published in the regional press, dozens of articles in Closer, Le Figaro,, Tv Mag, etc., have spoken of her as a victim of my caricature ‘sexist and degrading’. This obviously earned me new insults and it once again undermined my honor, two years after the publication of my satirical cartoon.denounces Espé.

Marion Rousse “disgusted”

Marion Rousse indeed raised the subject last week, before the start of the Tour de France. “It was in very bad taste and unbelievably ridiculous. There was no message behind, it was made to hurt, she was annoyed. I was disgusted and thought, ‘Are we there yet?’ The best answer was to keep doing my job well. »

“Erotic” photos in 2012 and 2015

The cartoonist assumes his caricature, justifying it with photos taken by Marion Rousse a few years ago. “This drawing is directly inspired by two videos and two calendars from 2012 and 2015 that are openly erotic, as explained by Anke Wilken, responsible for the communication of the calendars in various media, he pleads via Facebook. Madame Rousse has every right to pose as a pin-up for two openly gendered calendars, and I have every right to caricature her in this way to ridicule her. In France, it’s called freedom of expression. We can hate being caricatured, but it is not possible to agree with defamatory remarks when they are not proven or proven by a legal decision. »

Marion Rousse is warned

Sébastien Portet has therefore decided to respond. “I therefore filed a handrail at the end of last week at the police station in my city of residence in an attempt to put an end to this situation which is more akin to harassment, cyberbullying and defamation than anything else. And of course, if this situation were to happen again, if my drawing were to again generate a slanderous interpretation, a sequel to this handrail will automatically kick in.”he promises.

What is the difference between a handrail and a complaint?

Here is what can be read on the site on public service: “You can file a handbook with the national, municipal or gendarmerie police if you wish to declare facts that you have suffered or which you have witnessed, without bearing complaint. It is possible to file a handrail if you are not sure whether the facts in question constitute an offence. (…) Unlike a complaint, the purpose of the daybook is not to initiate proceedings against the perpetrator, but to report the nature and date of the facts to the police. . This may be useful in the context of a future trial. »

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