Groups of young people in suits excluded from theaters broadcasting "Minions 2"

Groups of young people in suits excluded from theaters broadcasting “Minions 2”

The film The Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru arrives in French cinemas on Wednesday July 6, and will undoubtedly be one of the big successes of the summer. Will cinemas in France have to deal with the same kind of phenomenon as that seen by British exhibitors? The BBC explains that the theaters showing the film (released on 1er July in the United Kingdom) are subject to very specific monitoring.

To celebrate (in a very ironic way) the return to theaters of the little yellow characters that many love to hate, a hashtag was indeed launched some time ago on TikTok. under the keyword #gentleminions, the young people were invited to go to the rooms in groups, if possible being dressed in their 31, as if it were a great occasion. And that is indeed what happened, as we can see in the video below (caption: “Why The Minions are a hit at the box office”).

All would be well if this ritual had stopped at the costumes. But the young people (the vast majority of boys) often didn’t stop there, welcoming the arrival of the film in a noisy way, forcing themselves to laugh out loud at the gags… Some even brought bananas, distributed in the room during the film or thrown in the direction of the screen – the cry “Banana!” is one of the hallmarks of the Minions.

Many families who came to enjoy the film with their children, for whom it was sometimes their first experience at the cinema, asked to be reimbursed, believing that their session had been spoiled. As the phenomenon grew, the rooms of movie theater started screening entries and refusing groups of teens and young adults dressed in costume or dressed up as Minions.

Well-dressed children prohibited

We have seen this kind of opinion flourish in a good number of British cinemas. Translation ofposter: “Due to the inconvenience caused in the name of the hashtag #gentleminions, any group of people in formal wear will be refused entry to theaters showing The Minions 2. Thank you.”

On the side of Universal, we seem to have rather appreciated the phenomenon, even if this tweet from 1er July (where one can read “To those who come to see Minions in costume: we see you and we love you”) may not have quite the same taste a few days later, with the multiplication of incidents in theaters:

Fortunately more positive testimonials also emerged: certain groups of young people who showed up in the theaters dressed to the nines did not commit the slightest excess, watching the film in a good-natured atmosphere. Elsewhere, apparently well-meaning gangs have been barred from entering hallsand they were asked to show up later in a less stylish outfit to allay any fears of a mini-riot amid the TikTok trend.

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