Green Hornet & Kato: the reboot of the cult series with Bruce Lee has found its director

Green Hornet & Kato: the reboot of the cult series with Bruce Lee has found its director

First adapted by Michel Gondry, the series The green hornet will know a new version intended for dark rooms, and offers itself the ideal director.

Attractive editor of a successful newspaper by day, fearsome masked vigilante by night, Britt Reid, aka the Green Hornet, and his martial arts expert sidekick Kato, should soon return to cinema screens. Initially heroes of radio series, the two characters were subsequently entitled to a first serial adaptation in 1966driven, among others, by van williams and the legendary Bruce Lee.

A few decades later, Michel Gondry, to whom we owe the brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Be nice, rewind! had set out for the first time to bring the adventures of the Hornet to dark rooms, Seth Rodgens and Jay Chou succeeding, for better or for worse, Williams and Lee.

Van Williams and Bruce Lee, Walmart version

Subsequently, a new adaptation supposedly directed by Gavin O’Connor (Jane Got a Gun, Mr Wolff) should have seen the light of day, but with production stalled since its announcement in 2016, it looks like the project is doomed to haunt the Paramount pipes indefinitely.

Now, and according to information relayed by Deadlinenot only a new titled footage Green Hornet & Kato would be in preparation on the side ofUniversal and Amasa Entertainment – ​​which will be scripted by none other than David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible) –, but this reboot would especially come to find its director, and the least we can say is that the choice seems as curious as it is judicious. It would therefore fall to the Australian filmmaker and master of horror in the making Leigh Whannell to direct this new film adaptation.

Invisible Man: photo, Elisabeth Moss

After all, it scares the hornets

An executive decision which would have been motivated, on the side of Universal, by the critical and commercial success of their previous collaboration alongside the director on the very successful Invisible Man ; rare film to have achieved economic success during 2020 the terrible. The project had simultaneously proven to the studio that Whannell was capable of bringing tension to his work, while staying on a relatively low budget (in fact, Invisible Man raked in $149 million worldwide for an estimated budget of $9 million).

With such a filmmaker, who cut his teeth alongside James Wan (Conjuring: The Warren Files, Malignant) on deductibles such asInsidious or Saw (of which he scripted several opuses), it is difficult to imagine that the film follows the comic traces which Michel Gondry’s version took advantage of. It would therefore be a safe bet that this new Green Hornet leans more towards crime thrillers and benefits from a darker tonality than its predecessor.

Invisible Man: photo, Elisabeth Moss“Whether you’re the Invisible Man or Green Hornet, it’s going to end badly!”

If the reboot is currently only at an embryonic stage, pre-production should be launched soon, and as much to say that with a direction and a scenario carried by the two aroused sizes, the expectations are high. It only remains to know now which actors will succeed Williams and Lee. To be continued.


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