Great Britain: Algerian multidisciplinary artist Lydia Ourahmane meets with success

Great Britain: Algerian multidisciplinary artist Lydia Ourahmane meets with success

People – Lydia Ourahmane, a British artist of Algerian descent enjoys great success for her sprawling installations that defy geopolitical borders. Dzair Daily tells you all the details about it in its Monday, June 7, 2022 edition.

Lydia Ourahmane is an artist of Algerian origin, an Algerian father from Saïda and a Malaysian mother. She was born in 1992. This artist grew up in Algeria during the black decade, before moving to London in 2001. In 2014, she graduated from the School of Art, at Goldsmiths University in London . She lives and works between the capital of the United Kingdom and Oran (Algeria).

Lydia’s work is inspired by events in her own life and those close to her. His works explore the possibility of changing and transforming the material elements of the world around him. These move between borders, generations and dimensions. In her research, this artist does not hesitate to ask questions about the links between spirituality, current geopolitics, migration and complex colonial heritage.

In addition, his artistic works include all that is multimedia, public interventions. There are also conferences, sculpture and unearthed objects. Lydia became famous in Switzerland following her participation in the Natural Instinct exhibition at the Espace Arlaud museum. She received the Nicolas and André Tooth Traveling grant in 2014. Echorouk.

Lydia Ourahmane: works and exhibitions

Lydia therefore told the New York Times that she has been passionate about art since a very young age. She adds that she missed her job and skipped her English classes so she went to hide in the art department. The Algerian-British artist exhibited his works in many countries around the world.

We can then cite Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London. And at the Liverpool World Museum; in the Jon Jones Project at the Delfina Foundation in London. But also the Ellis King exhibition in Dublin. His works have also been presented in the collective exhibition Terres arabe à Constantine, capital of arab culture 2015.

Lydia subsequently created a sound synthesis titled The Third Choir. It is made up of 20 empty oil barrels from Algeria, which was considered the first work of art to be legally imported from Algeria since independence.

This esthete notably worked on another project under the name Barzakh. The latter includes personal effects that she is not afraid to display to visitors. Because from her point of view, she is not ashamed to show her life.

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