Good News About 1920s Gangster Noir: Enemy of the State

Good News About 1920s Gangster Noir: Enemy of the State

The editor Movie Games and the developer Brave Lamb Studio announced Enemy of the State, a new dark movie which takes place in the 1920s, at the time of prohibition in the United States.

Enemy of the State will be launched on WindowsPC (via Steam), Xbox Series X|S and playstation5 in the middle of 2024.

Enemy of the State is a top down shooter for co-op action enthusiasts and solo players. The game takes place in a 1920s stylized black world, it allows you to climb the ladder of criminal notoriety.

It is the time of Prohibition. The golden age of mafia. You are a low level criminal, with an ethnicity of your choice, aspiring to become a real mafia boss. Gather your gang and perform all kinds of missions, all over the world. From hold-ups to territorial takeovers, including kidnappings and assassinations. Your goal? The same as usual. Money, power &; respect.

lone wolf Where team player ? – Play as a lone wolf or with friends in a 4-player co-op mode. Choose your class, customize your mafia and conquer the world. Choose your origin: American, African American, Irish, Japanese or Chinese. Level up, get stronger, and unlock perks, cosmetics, and outfits.

VISCERAL ACTION – Feel the kick of machine guns, shotguns, revolvers, pistols, sticks of dynamite and other iconic weapons. If you need a stronger kick, upgrade them! And if you’re looking to spice up your action, try some obscure historical weapons from Japan or China.

BUILD YOUR SYNDICATE – Prepare for new missions in your fully customizable hideout. It’s also the place where you can meet other players and form syndicates to compete for online notoriety!

NOIR WORLD – Visit beautiful and detailed 1920s locations around the world. The game’s powerful art style was inspired by art deco, Dishonored, classic film noir, and comic books.


  • Campaigns based on stories and cooperative tasks
  • Various missions, from robbery to taking control of a territory.
  • Deep combat with customizable weapons and cover system.
  • Extensive player progression with many classes available
  • Syndicates created by players who compete online
  • An interactive and customizable center

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