Good movies, but deplorable fathers: here are the worst darons of fiction

Good movies, but deplorable fathers: here are the worst darons of fiction

They are irresponsible, manipulative, egocentric… these are the fathers we love to hate in our favorite movies and series.

Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Well, it’s a bit of a must: the hero of the series breaking Bad is far from a perfect example of fatherhood.

And yet I see some already ready to grab my trendy jacket “but anyway this good Walter is kidding, but he is acting for the good of his family”. So yes, at first surely, but gradually, we are still on a champion in terms of manipulation and lies. Not to mention that you have to be in bad faith not to see that Walter White enjoys his life in Heisenberg too much, far from his wife and his kids. He himself will eventually admit it at the very end of the series.

Jack Torrance (Shining)

Not much to say about Jack Torrance, except that chasing his son with an ax to kill him is obviously not an example of benevolent fatherhood.

Harry Greenwood (Matilda)

Why take care of your adorable kid, when you can set up muddy schemes and watch stupid shows on TV? In this adaptation of the famous children’s book by Roahl Dahl, Danny Devito is the director and offers himself this role of horrible, stupid and wicked daron who tyrannizes poor Matilda. A delight.

Lester Burnham (American Beauty)

Played by Kevin Spacey (long before we learned of the accusations of harassment and assault against him), Lester Burnham, a character at the heart of the film American Beauty, carries within him a harsh criticism of the American way of life where social and financial success is the only thing that matters. But he is also a gloomy and annoying father who has his midlife crisis by fantasizing about his daughter’s best friend. creepy.

Royal Tenenbaum (The Tenenbaum Family)

Simulating an incurable cancer to hope to patch things up with his kids, that’s what this dear Royal Tenenbaum is capable of. Make up for it, but above all have a roof over your head since the hotel he’s staying in throws him out. Whimsical, but also cunning, ready for all audacity and all lies, even on the backs of his children – all depressed or traumatized, he would be almost endearing if we didn’t get fooled every time…

Thanos (Avengers)

You may love an adopted child very, very much, but if you kidnapped her, slaughtered her people to the last, and just trained her to be a cold, calculating killer, that’s not what we did the best in terms of education, let’s be honest…

And you? By which another screwed up dad character would you complete the list?

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