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God of War: the studio is awash in penis photos

Players go beyond the limits of decency to force the developers to reveal the release date of the next God of War.

In the genre of unusual news (but above all absolutely revolting), it is difficult to do worse than this one. For developers at Studio Santa Monica, yesterday turned into sexual harassment after there was no announcement about the future God of War Ragnarok. According to many rumors, the title was to give its news, and the studio finally changed its mind without explaining the reason.

Of course, fans of the series found themselves distraught and above all disappointed not to learn more about their favorite game. Unfortunately for the Santa Monica teams, thehe most unreasonable and foolish players have tried everything to pull the worms out of the studio teams’ noses, going as far as lose all decency.

From God of War to Gode of War there is only one step

After this joke that does not fly high, you will surely understand what it is about. Of the “fans” with sufficiently twisted minds had the idea to send photos of their penis to Estelle Tigani, cutscene producer for God of War Ragnarok. In a desperate tweetthe young woman asks people lacking common sense to stop sending her these unsolicited pictures:

Pro tip: Sending me dick pics asking me when God of War Ragnarok will be released is clearly not going to get me to reveal that date. For people who do, when has it ever worked?

We reach new depths of disgust here, even pushing the studio’s creative director Cory Barlog to have to give a very vulgar rant on Twitter:

I can’t believe I have to say this but don’t send fucking dick pics to my team or anyone in this industry. They work their ass off to produce something you’ll enjoy playing. Have some fucking respect.

This kind of heinous incident is the epitome of bad behavior and what still needs to change within the community. Although this appears as an isolated event, many other similar situations do not appear publicly and too many people suffer from these reprehensible behaviors (whether in the video game industry or not). It is high time that an awareness took place to prevent others from continuing to suffer these despicable acts.

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