God of War Ragnarök: in the absence of an announcement, the content of the special editions mentioned by an insider, the game not postponed according to Cory Barlog

God of War Ragnarök: in the absence of an announcement, the content of the special editions mentioned by an insider, the game not postponed according to Cory Barlog

The fans of god of war long for more news of Ragnarokthe next adventure concocted by Santa Monica Studio which should see the light of day this year if nothing has changed internally since then. Last May, the studio made update on the game’s accessibility optionsmore numerous than ever, but without revealing anything new on the side, Cory Barlog having specified a few weeks earlier that the studio was not ready yet to show us the fruit of his labor. Since then, it’s been the ball of rumors, one of the most recent came from Jason Schreier, who asserted that God of Ragnarok would be released in November 2022 and that its release date would be given to us at the end of June. The insiders Tom Henderson and The Snitch have also raised the hype well in recent days with their messages (here and the) more or less enigmatic, not to mention those of Cory Barlog in morse code. So ? We are the 30th of the month and nothing has been announced. This is also why the game is so much talked about on the networks, and not only for good.

In the past 24 hours, Jason Schreier has maintained the fact that he had heard from his sources that an announcement of the release date of God of War Ragnarök was scheduled for this Thursday and that the game was not postponed. Cory Barlog sent him a message to the fans which was therefore very serious, suggesting that there would be nothing to eat today and that we will therefore still have to take our troubles patiently, in addition to reaffirm that the release in 2022 was not postponed.

Dear All,

If it was up to me, I would share all the information as soon as I know. But it’s not up to me.

So please be patient.

I promise things will be shared as soon as possible.

We create games for you. We can create games thanks to you.

All this was obviously not to Tom Henderson’s tastewhich in a series of tweet said we would have details by the end of the day anyway, even if it wasn’t officially. Of course, because he was the one who wrote an article on eXputer, but not to tell us about the release date that he does not know and on which he makes assumptions in connection with other rumors. Nope, what he claims to know is the content of the special editions that should have been revealed in a blog post with this famous date and of which a video would already be ready to appear.

Thereby, two special editions of God of War Ragnarök would be offered for sale, a Collector’s Edition and an Jotnar Editionboth comprising a sacred giveaways for fans: a 1:1 scale replica of Mjollnirthe hammer of Thor ! The first, more expensive, would be accompanied by badges, a map of the world and other elements not mentioned. Of course, it makes you dream, let’s hope it’s true and, above all, that the game is physically present in the packaging, not like with Horizon Forbidden West…even if that would then be a problem for owners of a PS5 Digital Edition. As a reminder, the release date of the previous episode was revealed only three months before its launch, in January 2018. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, and you will understand in particular why Cory Barlog took the trouble to send the above message to the players, it is that some really think they are allowed everything to obtain the slightest information… The CinematicsProducer Estelle Tigani has thus received very inappropriate messages from Internet users wishing to know the release date of the game, real brainless savages …

If the marketing strategy of sony is frustrating, harassing the development team will achieve nothing except to annoy the members of the development team and give the players a bad image.

To wait, you can still buy God of War (2018) for only €13.97 on Amazon.

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