God of War, Aspis of Spartan Fury: how to get the rarest shield in the game?

God of War, Aspis of Spartan Fury: how to get the rarest shield in the game?

news tip God of War, Aspis of Spartan Fury: how to get the rarest shield in the game?

We no longer present the last God of War released in 2018. Taking on the role of both a sequel and a total overhaul of the series, the title of Santa Monica Studio has been able to completely renew its universe while remaining faithful to its roots. But for the most nostalgic players, know that it is possible to unlock a shield that will bring back memories. We explain how.

With his Leviathan Ax and Guardian Shield, Kratos surprised everyone when Santa Monica Studio announced the continuation of god of war released in 2018. Now far from home, the angry god-slaying hero of Olympus seemed to have given up on his past for a more or less peaceful life in the lands of Midgard. However, throughout the main adventure, the old life of Kratos will constantly resurface, much to the delight of nostalgic players. It is also most certainly to satisfy this category of players that the developers have integrated a much sought-after Spartan-like shield. If you also want to recover it, we must warn you: the task will not be easy, far from it.


  • winter collection
  • Become the God of War

winter collection

Credits: DisboardJV user

If you expect to pick up an overpowered shield that will block even normally unparryable blows, move on. If this opus of God of War introduces many elements of RPG in its equipment in order to modify your statistics according to the armors which you choose to equip, it is never a question of making your character overpowered. Regarding the Guardian’s Shield (which Kratos wields from the start of the game), it is not possible to change it at all, so you will stay with the same shield throughout your adventure.

If you can obviously improve the latter using your experience, it will only be to unlock new skills with bare hands, and not to improve its defensive capacities. The Aspis of Spartan Fury, like all other shields available in the game, will actually only be a skin to change the appearance of Kratos’ aegis.

Become the God of War

God of War, Aspis of Spartan Fury: how to get the rarest shield in the game?

Credits: DisboardJV user

To obtain the “Aspis of Spartan Fury” shield, but also the “Gleaming Unit Shield” (see image above), you will have to perform a “simple” task: finish the main adventure in the highest difficulty setting. top: God of War mode. In the latter, your enemies will hit so hard that one or two simple blows could put you down at the start of the game. The slightest enemy will become a test to pass, the slightest wolf a threat, the slightest draugr an obstacle.

If the challenge does not scare you, it is by arriving at the top of the Mountain in this difficulty mode that you will be rewarded, and not a single second before. You can then strut around Midgard with your brand new shield to complete any side quests, such as the Valkyries (which will have you screaming more than once if you stay in God of War mode). Also note that you will keep the Aspis of Spartan Fury and the Gleaming Unit Shield if you decide to launch a New Game +. All you have to do is try this challenge and arm yourself with patience. Of course, you can always use our complete God of War guide to help you.

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