GOAT: Jordan Peele recovers a hyper-promising psychological thriller script

GOAT: Jordan Peele recovers a hyper-promising psychological thriller script

Whereas Boop is preparing to invest the rooms, the production house of Jordan Peele got their hands on an intriguing storyline.

Undisputed genius for some, politically well-meaning scam for others, Jordan Peele divides, but it would be, even for his most inveterate detractors, not to recognize his incredible career. Mainly known for his comedic inclinations at the start of his career, the filmmaker decided one fine day to turn away from the provocative sketches of the Comedy Central channel to better come disrupt modern horror.

After having shaken a first salvo of spectators by means of his very first feature film, get-outand having won the Oscar for best original screenplay, Jordan Peele has announced himself as a tremendous artistic promise at work as ambitious as it is radical. It is therefore not surprising that the filmmaker’s upcoming projects systematically arouse curiosity and interest.

Back soon with the highly anticipated Boopwhose the final trailer reveals a lot about the plot, Jordan Peele since seems ready to develop a brand new project.

White supremacists, evil doppelgangers, aliens… who will be Peele’s next monsters?

Thus, it would seem that the director’s production company, Monkeypaw Productions, has managed to obtain the rights to GOAT, sports thriller flirting cheerfully with the horror taleco-created by the filmmakers and producers Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie. Acronym of ” Greatest Of All Time “, or, the “best of all time”, the footage should, according to the official pitch, be centered around a rookie quarterback gone to practice with a star of American football on the decline. However, it would seem that the success and longevity of this wise mentor have a price, and that it is much higher than could ever have been expected by the next generation.

If the pitch seems engaging to say the least, it is however unlikely that Peele will get down to it, although at this stage, nothing is less certain. The filmmaker does not however demerit in any way as a producer, as evidenced by the various projects carried by Monkeypaw. From BlacKkKlansman from Spike Lee to the reboot of Twilight Zoneand more recently, to the new Candyman, hit at the box officePeele generally selects beautiful projects that he carefully develops.

Candyman: photo, Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIWe imagine a similar blow for the young quarterback

And that the aficionados of the director do not despair: the scenario writer still has many projects which he wishes to carry out in the decade to come. In an interview given to Business InsiderJordan Peele revealed that he had two other films in mind:

“The most interesting and sinister monsters in the world are human. We are capable of the worst, and mainly when we come together. I worked from its premises to develop different social demons, inherently human monsters woven into the fabric of how we think, how we interact, and each of these films will deal with one of these demons. “.

Whether he is a screenwriter, director, or producer, Jordan Peele should therefore, at least we hope, continue to make spectators tremble with his many human vicissitudes. And from here to learn more about the ins and outs of GOAT, Boop will haunt cinemas from August 10, 2022.


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