Girondins4Ever - Possible scenarios for the Girondins against the DNCG

Girondins4Ever – Possible scenarios for the Girondins against the DNCG

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As reported by 20 Minutes, Gérard Lopez, Fortress and King Street have recorded the transfer of responsibility for half of the 52 million euros owed by the club to investment funds to Jogo Bonito LD, Gérard Lopez’s company. This transfer of 26 million euros makes it possible to reduce the equity/debt ratio, to also lower the interests for the club (just like the money that comes from the transfer of Aurélien Tchouaméni), with the aim of showing the DNCG the efforts made to try to regain financial sustainability.

The Girondins de Bordeaux therefore have an appointment tomorrow, June 14, in front of the DNCG, in order to reassure on the debts and the deficit of the previous season, but also to validate the provisional budget of 40-41 million euros. planned for Ligue 2 and the objective of the immediate rise in Ligue 1.

Following the agreements concerning the transfer of 26 million euros to Gérard Lopez’s company, the Bordeaux leaders hope to pass the DNCG without incident, even if it has been repeated for several weeks now that a demotion as a precautionary measure is very likely. . “If at the club the sports management expects an administrative demotion as a precaution, Gérard Lopez and his entourage still hope to obtain the green light from the DNCG in the first instance. Selling players quickly becomes the big deal” explained Clément Carpentier. Because if tomorrow the DNCG judges the financial guarantees insufficient, it can effectively pronounce an administrative demotion as a precaution, a division lower, ie in National. Obviously, if this were the case, the FCGB would appeal (it has six days to do so) to have two additional weeks for a second hearing. Bordeaux have also pledged to sell for €22m by June 30. Thus, there is no doubt that Gérard Lopez will present any offers already present for players like Junior Onana, Hwang Ui-Jo, or even Alberth Elis… South West insists on this specific point: “The player sales objectives should be at the heart of the decision of the body: either it trusts and validates the file, or it gives a new appointment to check that they are (at least in part) achieved” .

“If the accounts are then approved, Bordeaux can return to L2, the championship of which begins at the end of July. Otherwise, the club will go to a bankruptcy filing before the Commercial Court and a receivership procedure. With an option on the table: the National if the club is taken over, the amateur level (5th division) in the event of liquidation” (AFP)

Other sanctions, in the event of validation of the division (Ligue 2) can also intervene: partial or total ban on recruiting new players, recruitment controlled via a framework of the provisional budget or a right to inspect the payroll, limitation of the number of players under professional contract… We have never been so close to knowing.

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