Girondins4Ever - France wins the Mediterranean Games by beating Italy 1-0 thanks to a goal from Lenny Pirringuel!

Girondins4Ever – France wins the Mediterranean Games by beating Italy 1-0 thanks to a goal from Lenny Pirringuel!

The French U18 team was engaged to dispute the Mediterranean Games 2022 in Oran (Algeria). They were to be played in 2021 but the covid pandemic had struck. After performing very well in the group stage, theFrance U18 team faced the Turkey in the semi-finals with the aim of qualifying for the grand final. It was done and for this final, the blueberries were opposed to theItaly. The Squadra Azura defeated a fine team from Morocco in their semi-final, winning 2 goals to 1. In the small final, Morocco beat Turkey 4 goals to 2 and took the bronze medal.

On the player side, two young players from the Girondins are present, Johaneko Louis-jean and Lenny Pirringuel.

Johaneko Louis-Jean and Lenny Pirringuel started at kick-off, as did Amine Messoussa the striker of this team of France.

At the start of the first period, the French had to defend against very offensive Italians but rough at the finish. Johaneko Louis-Jean got a scare when the Italian winger went behind his back but it didn’t come to anything. Over the minutes, the blueberries recovered well and we put our foot on the ball. Our two players showed great things, Johaneko defending properly, even author of a super sliding tackle at the end of the first period. Lenny Pirringuel for his part, provoked several times, even benefiting from a fault after having pierced the lines. He was able to combine several times with his club partner. At halftime the score is still nil.

In the second half the teams are still in good intensity, the Italians attack but our blueberries resist and defend very well. They try to carry the danger and in the 68th minute, while a French attacker strikes on goal, the goalkeeper deflects the ball on Lenny Pirringuel who comes to push him to the bottom of the goals (1-0). The young Bordeaux allows the France to lead in the score. It will be necessary to wait until the 80th minute to see the Italians equalize but the goal is disallowed for an offside. The blueberries hold on against the Italians who try everything for everything in a boiling stadium and committed to the Italian cause…

Blueberries will retain this goal lead and are therefore winners of the Mediterranean Gamesa first for a long time… And our people from Bordeaux made a very good impression!!!

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