Get rid of mosquitoes with this soap: it creates a protective barrier that keeps them away

Get rid of mosquitoes with this soap: it creates a protective barrier that keeps them away

Summer is often punctuated by the incessant buzzing of mosquitoes. Besides interfering with a peaceful sleep or an evening outdoors, these flying insects can ruin the entire season with their nasty stings. Fortunately, a simple and effective method exists to permanently keep these unwanted insects away from your home. Here are some details about this magic ingredient.

Natural methods appear regularly to make everyday life easier and more pleasant. To keep mosquitoes away from the house, there is an incredible recipe that will keep them away from you, the goal being, in large part, to disperse odors that they do not like.

What is this product that keeps mosquitoes away?

A hygiene product used on a daily basis constitutes a real barrier against mosquitoes. Find out how to use it at home to get rid of these annoying insects and no longer suffer their unpleasant bites.

– Soap, a product that keeps mosquitoes away

special soap

Special soap – Source: spm

In order to fully enjoy evenings outdoors without being bitten by mosquitoes or disturbed by their buzzing, a little-known trick can be surprisingly effective against mosquitoes. Just take a soap but not just any soap. The latter must contain one or more components from aromatic plants whose mosquito repellent properties are proven. This is mainly lemongrass soap or other soaps made from olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil. The presence of geraniol, a substance present in citronella or geranium, produces a broad-spectrum repellent action by repelling all insects.

In a container, grate the soap before distributing it outside around the perimeter where you spend your evenings or inside in your room or in strategic corners of the house like the terrace or the windows.

What are other natural mosquito repellents?

Besides the soap trick, other homemade ingredients act as real mosquito repellents. Most are accessible and inexpensive. Test them at home to fully enjoy your home without having to put up with their annoying noise.

– Dishwashing liquid, an effective mosquito repellent

dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid – Source: spm

If you don’t have mosquito repellent soap at home. You can always use a grandmother’s trick to control these insects. To do this, fill a small container with water then pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid, ideally flavored with lemon. Then place your repellent in a corner of your outdoor living room.

– Lemongrass essential oil, a natural mosquito repellent

lemongrass essential oil

Lemongrass essential oil – Source: spm

The other effective trick to fight against mosquitoes is lemongrass essential oil. Its anti-mosquito properties are proven and recognized. Just diffuse this product in your home to keep those flying insects at bay. If you are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites, add a drop of this product to your moisturizer before applying it to your skin on your wrists, ankles and behind your ears. Lemon eucalyptus or bourbon geranium essential oil acts in the same way on mosquitoes and other annoying insects.

– Cloves, a great trick to repel mosquitoes

lemon cloves

Cloves and lemon – Source: spm

With this trick, you will be safe from mosquitoes all day and even at night. Just cut a lemon and insert a few cloves into it.Then put the cut lemon in a cup that you will place inside or outside the house. The smell given off by this natural mosquito repellent will keep them away naturally. In addition, your plate will bring a little decorative touch to your table.

– Garlic, a natural mosquito repellent


Garlic – Source: spm

The strong smell of garlic is hated by mosquitoes. It acts as a natural mosquito repellent and produces immediate results. It is possible to plant it in the garden or sprinkle garlic powder in the main accesses of the house, namely the window sills, the terrace and even in certain corners of the room. An excellent repellent, it will prevent these flying insects from entering your home.

It seems that the soap is effective against mosquitoes. Rather than using chemical diffusers that pollute the environment, try these few tips and natural remedies instead. By doing so, mosquitoes will no longer be able to approach you or your home!

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