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Gangs of London Season 2: The latest untold info on the return of StarzPlay’s hit series

This British television series created by Gareth Evans and produced by Pulse Movies and Sister Pictures appeared in her home country on April 23, 2020 on Sky Atlantic. It will be necessary to wait until November 15, 2020 for the series to land on our French screens on the streaming platform Starz Play.
Featuring actors such as Joe Cole, Michelle Fairley, Valene Kane, Brian Vernel or Colm Meaneythe series met with immediate success.
The first season has nine episodes shot in St Clere Estate in Kent to stage a camp and in Dartford to film a speedboat scene near the bridge Queen Elizabeth II. A driving scene was also shot on Pilgrim’s Way.
This first season looks back on the life of the family Wallace at the head of a criminal organization.
Faced with the enthusiasm of the public and the growing community of fans, on June 24, 2020 Sky Atlantic announces that Gangs of London will be renewed for a second season which will be released in 2022.
This news is causing a stir on social networks and theories are starting to appear. For the moment, there are only a few images of this famous season 2 which have been unveiled by the production:

A family or a gang?

It’s been twenty years since Finn Wallace (played by Colm Meaney) proclaims himself London’s most powerful criminal alongside his partner Ed Dumani (played by Lucian Msamati). He finds himself murdered one day and his title then goes to his son. Sean (Joe Cole), a temperamental and impulsive young man who will have to manage the transactions of billions of pounds in the organization of his late father.

Supported by the Dumani clan, Sean Wallace embarks on a dark affair in order to lift the veil on the mysterious death of his father. He will stop at nothing to get the truth, even if it means coming to blows which will have the effect of boiling over the world of international crime. The lebanese mafia masterfully maintained by Luan DushajKurdish freedom fighters, criminals from Pakistan and Welsh Travelers, all will be mixed up in Sean’s stories and will want to do battle.

Crossovers will then take place, creating an atmosphere of tension in each episode. Finally, a new kid will enter this world of crime. Elliot Finch (Sope Dirisu) who does not worry anyone at first sight and yet his interest in the Wallace clan and in particular for Sean will begin to raise questions.

A season 2 announced?

A few months after the first broadcast on Sky Atlantic, the British television channel, the decision to program a season 2 has been announced. Indeed, following the success and high audiences of the series Gangs of LondonSky Atlantic announced on June 24, 2020 even before the series was broadcast in France that it would return for a season 2 in 2022.

For the moment only a few images of this season 2 have been shared by the production. The scenario remains to this day still unknown and the novelties of the casting also. We will undoubtedly find Sean and his clan as well as the enemy gangs but new appearances should come to reshuffle the cards and add tension to the plot.

We will keep you informed of the slightest progress and the slightest novelty announced by the production for the rest of Gangs of London. Get ready !

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