"From the start it stank": Christophe Dugarry, bitter on the Girondins de Bordeaux, also charges Alain Juppé

“From the start it stank”: Christophe Dugarry, bitter on the Girondins de Bordeaux, also charges Alain Juppé

Figure of the Bordeaux club, the 1998 world champion does not digest the descent into hell of his heart team.

It’s awful. It leaves me speechless. It hurts my heart.” In the columns of South WestChristophe Dugarry, 50, retired from the world of football, shows anger and bitterness about the Girondins de Bordeaux, relegated to National following the rejected appeal of the DNCG on Tuesday and who could even be forced to file for bankruptcy…”This means that even if we had stayed in Ligue 1, we would have been demoted to Ligue 2reacted the former Bordeaux player (1988-1996 then 2000-2002). It wouldn’t have changed anything. I want so many people.”

Dugarry charges Juppé and the “clowns” of GACP

Known for his strong character and his outspokenness, “Duga” does not mince his words when commenting on the fall of his favorite club. “I don’t even know whether to blame Gérard Lopez. I especially blame Alain Juppé (mayor of Bordeaux between 2006 and 2019, in office during the sale of the Girondins in 2018). From the start, we knew that the dice were loaded. An investment fund that redeems by borrowing from another investment fund with an outside company (GACP in 2018) who ran the club. From the start, it stank. M6 and Nicolas de Tavernost wanted to leave the club and Alain Juppé did not veto this sale. It should have been locked differently. The first scandal, it’s there and it still pisses me off.”

Questioned by our colleagues, the former striker of the Blues is also very angry with the current bosses of the club. “Even if we had been kept in Ligue 2, the hole would not have been filled and the problem would have reappeared in a year. In fact, it was cooked from the moment M6 sold to the clowns of GACP. I stopped school in 4th grade but from the start, we understood that the assembly was wobbly.”

Withdrawn from the media world since the end of his collaborations with Canal + and RMC, the 2018 world champion prefers to conclude with a dose of optimism. And a thought for the club’s employees, close to losing their jobs, as well as the club’s historic supporters with the scapular. “We will start from National. It’s happened to others. It’s not impossible to go up. But it will be necessary to put back the human. Don’t make the same mistakes again. In the meantime, I am thinking of the employees. It’s terrible for them, for the fans. The people in charge did not know how to assume them.”

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