French team: not selected for the Women’s Euro 2022, Amandine Henry lets go of her truths about Deacon

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She is undoubtedly one of the best players in the world. However, the OL midfielder Amandine Henry is not selected by Corinne Deacon to compete in the Women’s Euro. A big disappointment that she inevitably digests with difficulty in the columns of the Team, especially since Corinne Deacon presented him as a sporting choice.

“I think I was successful, I’m not there. So. My performance was not high enough to be there. I will try to do better next season. A sporting choice? That’s what she (Corinne Deacon) says. If she says it, I believe her. Heard it was just the one day performance (Champions League final). With OL, we have been champions of France and champions of Europe for fifteen years. I don’t think this is a one-day performance. Afterwards, that’s what she says. I take note of what she says. It just doesn’t match, that’s all. »

Subsequently, Amandine Henry returns to a relationship with the coach that simply does not exist. Since 2020 and a speech where she had expressed the discomfort of the group with Deacon.

“Since the phone call (in November 2020 to announce his non-selection) which lasted 10 seconds, I have had no further news. (…) It’s not our relationship, it’s the relationship between her and the team. If I spoke, it was not in my name, but in the name of the team. Per se, I had no problem with her, it was the team that had a problem. Afterwards it’s easy to say that there is a problem between her and me when there was not. To hear the echoes of the other players, today, she has changed. I tell myself that, perhaps, the fact of having said things, that could have made progress. I have no problem with her. »

An Amandine Henry who is now trying to stay positive and who ensures that she will not give up a future in the France team.

” No way. As long as I play football, I will believe in the France team. It is above everything. With Deacon? Yes why not. I will always be a player available for the France team, whether it’s Corinne Deacon or someone else in post. »

to summarize

Largely absent from the list of the French women’s team for Euro 2022, Amandine Henry confided in the columns of the Team. The opportunity to return to his non-convocation and his non-existent relationship with Corinne Deacon.

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