French team: Domenech, simple guide in 2006?  Zidane confirms

French team: Domenech, simple guide in 2006? Zidane confirms

On the occasion of his 50th birthday, Zinedine Zidane spoke at length for L’Equipe. The former glory of the France team notably evoked his return to the Blues in 2005 and the almost non-existent role of Raymond Domenech during the World Cup in Germany.

The moment when everything changed for Domenech.

This Thursday is a special day for Zinedine Zidane. Indeed, the legend of French football is celebrating its 50th birthday. The opportunity for the former Real Madrid coach to open his heart in a very long interview with L’Equipe.

In addition to his news, with his wish to succeed Didier Deschamps, the Marseillais also evoked his past as a player and the twilight of his career with the Blues, in particular his return in the summer of 2005 after a short international retirement.

Domenech did not weigh for his return

Did the coach at the time, Raymond Domenech, have a major role in this choice to return? Obviously not. He came to see me. OK. But it was my desire to come back that made me come back! Point clarified the 1998 world champion. There were other more irrational elements. But to stick to the rational, it’s me. Our discussions with Lilian (Thuram) and Claude (Makelele). This lack of the Blues. I come back, I put the jersey back on and off we go. That’s wonderful revealed the former midfielder.

Z. Zidane – we had taken the keys. 100%

Zidane also mentioned the World Cup in Germany in 2006. Close to offering a second title to the Blues, the ex-number 10 confirmed that the players took power after the draw against South Korea (1-1 ) in the group stage. He takes me out to bring in David Trezeguet. But who is going to score it, David? It wasn’t clear. I have the glands and I let him know. Lots of things had also happened before. Stories told about my return that weren’t true. I decided to trace my thing at that moment. We even decided to trace our thing together. And it was going to. It was launched argued Zizou.

Without ever naming him, Zidane made it clear that Domenech was just a simple guide. We had taken the keys. 100%. We were among ourselves, every day before a match. We had found a place for us. It was exceptional. We brought in merguez from Berlin because it seems they were the best! Magnificent moments, for four hours at the table. There was a real cohesion. It was in a little remote inn, a few kilometers from our hotel. A fabulous atmosphere , finished Zidane. Unfortunately, the story ended badly. See you in the next few years to reopen the book?

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