Freebox Delta, Revolution and Pop subscribers: 4 new free PC games to collect with Amazon Prime

Freebox Delta, Revolution and Pop subscribers: 4 new free PC games to collect with Amazon Prime

Freebox Delta, Revolution and Pop subscribers: 4 new free PC games to collect with Amazon Prime

Every month, Prime Gaming offers several games to discover on PC, just subscribe to Amazon Prime to get them. Here is the selection of the moment.

Included in the Freebox Delta offer and offered for six months to recent Freebox Pop subscribers as well as to Freebox Revolution subscribers, Amazon Prime gives access to many advantages: Prime Video, music streaming… but also free content for gamers with Prime Gaming.

Focus on the games to pick up on Amazon Games during the month of July. As of this writing, six new games are available. Most games are available until next august 1st. Note that this is a rather special period, since in addition to these titles, the American giant offers around twenty games to collect before July 13 for its “Prime Day” commercial operation. You can find the full list on your Prime gaming page, in the Prime Day section.

4 new games to discover with Amazon Games

Quick ! Dr. Fred has kidnapped Sandy, and he’s about to begin his experiments. Dave and his friends have come to save Sandy before she gives her brain to Dr. Fred, and you are the mastermind behind their efforts to solve the many mysteries of maniac mansion.Explore lots of rooms, pick up weird objects, laugh out loud, and scare yourself a little.Choose your intrepid rescue trio from among seven unlikely volunteers. Five exciting ways to unravel the mystery and plenty of ways to get it wrong, with sometimes hilarious outcomes. No need for a keyboard: point and click to select characters, objects and actions.

Rule Sordland in President Rayne’s first term in text-based role-playing Suzerain. Navigate the intricacies of politics by chatting with your cabinet and other personalities. With war looming, corruption entrenched, an economic crisis, and reforms to be made, many choices rest on your shoulders. How will you lead?

It’s not the man who takes to the sea, it’s the sea that takes the man” and let yourself be carried away by Fishing: North Atlantic. Discover the beauty of Canadian Nova Scotia and marvel at the many creatures that inhabit the ocean. Discover the riches of the ocean with upgradable fishing boats and equipment throughout your career.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is a tactical RPG in the tradition of the classic Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. Exiled.You will need to use cunning and strategy and master a complex class system to triumph in the tough battles that await you. Discover a mature story in which you play as an Arbiter, a member of an order responsible for maintaining peace and the balance of power in the world.

How to recover games

Previously, it was necessary to go to a dedicated web page to retrieve the rights to the games offered by Prime Gaming, then to the Twitch application to install them. Amazon has brought everything together in one application: Amazon Games.

You can download it by clicking this link, then simply log in with your Amazon Prime credentials. You will thus find, on the same interface, your free games to recover and the possibility of installing them.

You will then have to click on “install” and once the procedure is complete, you can play your game. As a reminder, Prime Gaming is included for Freebox Delta subscribers and offered for 6 months to Freebox Revolution and Pop subscribers and available as an option for all other subscribers with the Amazon Prime subscription for 5.99€/month.

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