Four girls and jeans: the actresses in the film VS today

Four girls and jeans: the actresses in the film VS today

The 2005 cult movie Four Girls and Jeans landed on Netflix on November 1st. The opportunity is ideal to see what her heroines look like 15 years later. Ready for a hell of a bit of old?

Reprint of an article from November 3, 2020.

The teenagers of the 2000s are going to take a big hit: Netflix has just made available on its catalog four girls and jeansthe film adapted from the first volume of the saga by Ann Brashares.

Bree, Lena, Carmen and Tibby have been friends since they were young. United by magical jeans that fit them perfectly despite their different morphologies, the four teenage girls will live a pivotal summer apart…

Released in 2005, the film starred Blake Lively, before she was Serena in gossip girlAlexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) and Amber Tamblyn (Dr House) in the skins of these four teenagers as touching as they are mythical. The time has come to take some gray hair with these before-after heroines…

Alexis Bledel aka Lena in four girls and jeans

© Alcon Entertainment, YouTube screenshot The Tonight Show

In four girls and jeans, Alexis Bledel plays Lena Kaligaris who is going to spend the summer with her family in Greece. In 2005, Alexis Bledel is 24 years old. One thing is certain: at almost 40 years old, the actress has obviously not aged a bit!

Amber Tamblyn aka Tibby

Amber Tamblyn-min

© Alcon Entertainment, Amber Tamblyn Instagram

In the film Amber Tamblyn brings to life the character of Tibby, a rather reserved and outsider girl who, while spending the summer working as a cashier, meets a young girl with cancer that will upset her. his life. The change is total, from a young girl with brown hair with bangs, Amber Tamblyn has gone to a blonde who makes us realize that she has, physically, nothing to do with her character!

America Ferrera is Carmen in four girls and jeans


© Alcon Entertainment, America Ferrera Instagram

For four girls and jeans, America Ferrera plays Carmen. A teenager rather badly in her skin who will very badly accept the future remarriage of her father. 15 years later, we can only see how much the actress has become even more beautiful!

Blake Lively aka Bee

Blake Lively-min

© Alcon Entertainment, Blake Lively’s Instagram

Bee Vreeland is the antithesis of Serena van der Woodsen. Pretty tomboyish young girl, her thing is football. That summer, Bee will go to summer camp where she will fall under the spell of the coach. You will find that Blake Lively hasn’t changed that much. The actress retains her sublime blond hair, her distinctive sign, and her face has simply asserted itself as that of a fulfilled woman. And yes !

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