For Asia and Dario Argento, cinema is a family affair

For Asia and Dario Argento, cinema is a family affair

“To have two seats side by side marked with our names at the Cinémathèque française is a great honor”, declares Dario Argento at 20 minutes. The maestro is known for having given his letters of nobility to transalpine horror cinema from the 1970s with films like The Chills of Anguish, Suspiria and Infernos. Her daughter, Asia, actress and director, is also one of the courageous instigators of the MeToo movement. Both have been honored since Wednesday evening by the French Cinematheque until July 31. Seventeen films – fifteen of which have been superbly restored with the support of Cinecitta – are shown there.

“I might have been a plumber if my father had been,” Asia Argento told 20 minutes in a joking tone. Or else I would have rebelled against him and still become a director and an actress. It’s hard for me to imagine a childhood other than mine. I was very happy because Dario isn’t just a great filmmaker: he’s a good man. “Father and daughter are fun to see as they are accomplices. “Cinema is a family affair for us,” admits Dario. Asia’s mother, Daria Nicolodiwho died in 2020, was also a screenwriter and actress.

A peaceful relationship

“I was very proud when my father asked me to shoot with him for the first time to Trauma, remembers Asia. I was 16 and wondered why he never thought of me for a role when I was already working with other filmmakers. This makes Dario smile. “I can’t say why I waited so long, he sighs, but I’m proud of the professional and the woman she has become. »

Not everything has always been easy between father and daughter. “Nothing happened to me when he was directing me,” explains Asia. He tolerated no whims and he taught me a rigor and a seriousness that served me as much as an actress as as a filmmaker. » The filming ofOcchiali Neri where Asia embodies the best friend of a blind heroine hunted by a maniac, was much more peaceful. “I felt relaxed and that made me want to go back to the plateaus as soon as I’ve rested a bit,” admits Dario.

Since he starred in Vortex by Gaspar Noé, Dario Argento feels closer to his actors. “It was me who pushed him to do this experience, explains Asia. I wanted him to come out of his house after confinement and I think that taught him a lot. Dario Argento nods happily, and the two go to pose for Italian tourists who have recognized them before returning to the Cinematheque to meet their fans.

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