First vacation (C8): is this comedy inspired by Camille Chamoux's real couple?

First vacation (C8): is this comedy inspired by Camille Chamoux’s real couple?

Tonight, C8 is broadcasting the comedy Première vacances about two Parisians in their thirties, who have just met on Tinder, and decide to go to Bulgaria together. Is the film, signed Patrick Cassir, inspired by the real love life of actress Camille Chamoux?

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After meeting on the dating app Tinder, Marion and Ben decide, on a whim, to go on vacation to Bulgaria. These thirty-something Parisians are going to experience a couple ordeal… without being one! Multiplying the tasty dialogues between this bohemian bachelor and her slightly stuck suitor, the comedy First vacation seduced by its freshness and the obvious complicity between its actors Camille Chamoux and jonathan cohen. Yet not very credible, this romance in tune with the times signed patrick cassir (of which this is the first feature film) is partly inspired by the real couple, formed off set, by Camille Chamoux and the director.

Did Camille Chamoux’s couple inspire this comedy?

During his passage through The unfiltered interviewthe actress and humorist explained that she wrote this film together with her companion and that it clicked on vacation: “At one point, you’re on vacation with your boyfriend, and you yell at each other a lot, and since you still have a little humor in your heart… well, you laugh and you say to yourself ‘Why are we spend our five days of vacation shouting at each other?’ Maybe there’s something to make a film out of it… Because in fact the holidays are a test for the couple”. If the idea germinated in intimacy, Camille Chamoux and Patrick Cassir do not, however, tell their whole life on screen. They were able to distill a little of their experience and, above all, a lot of observations in this comedy shot in Bulgaria: “I wanted to talk about the values ​​within the couple: can you make your life with someone very different from yourself, someone whose political opinions you don’t share, or the way of living your daily life? Exactly? (…) I co-wrote the screenplay with Camille, and it seemed to us that the holidays would be the perfect context to raise these questions: it’s the time when all these little ways of living are exacerbated, unavoidable! And above all, there is the irreplaceable: the experience! I am Lebanese-Greek, and when we had a child, my mother’s family invited us to spend five days in a palace in Greece. It was supposed to be the top of our year, the reward after the birth, but very quickly we realized that we were unhappy (…) Camille killed herself with several customers, threw her handbag into the sea. a woman who spoke badly to him, we experienced the ‘war of the deckchairs’…”, says Patrick Cassir.

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