Fire Island, the gay rereading of Jane Austen that will make you crave for summer love

Fire Island, the gay rereading of Jane Austen that will make you crave for summer love

Do you miss summer romantic comedies? Do you also want to find Drew Barrymore, Renee Zellweger or Anne Hathaway in search of true and eternal love? No worries: Fire Island will satisfy all your desires.

Your adolescence was surely rocked, like mine, by the big summer romantic blockbusters. In the coolness of movie theaters at the beginning of the 2000’sI discovered during the summer holidays the romantic relationships (which I thought were complex) of young women whose life found itself turned upside down overnight by a great love story. Luck, I said to myself between two pop corn at 3 euros (it was not expensive in 2002 remember).

This is how my room welcomed the space of a summer the giant head of Freddie Prinze Jr and her scoundrel smile posterShe’s so greatappalling both my mother and good taste.

The years passed and the – good – romantic comedies are gone, for some reason that I cannot explain but which saddens me. How was my soft little heart going to be able to manage both the heat wave and the contemporary world without these little bubbles of freshness where the protagonists lived happily and had lots of super expensive marriages managed by a character played by Jennifer Lopez ?

Fire Island, Pride and Prejudice under poppers

The question no longer arises this summer, with the release on Disney+ from the movie Fire Island accessible with parental control. A great romantic comedy cute which made me want to believe again at first in the magic of romantic comedies but also that of summer love.

In order not to sulk his pleasure, all this is carried by a literary energy: the shadow of Jane Austen hangs over the whole film, which is never to displease me (don’t lie, you too: who hasn’t had a huge crush on Monsieur Darcy?). Inspired by the cult Pride and Prejudice but who would have taken poppers, Fire Island follows a group of friends who go on vacation each summer to a friend’s house on Fire Island, an island near Long Island, who, in addition tohome to a gay village since the beginning of the 20th centurysmells like the holidays.

To watch Fire Island on Disney+ accessible with parental controls

love and friendship

We follow the character of Noah, a handsome nurse who flutters and never wishes to engage with the men they meet, and his best friend Howie, a little blue flower. Both have never had a serious relationship and take a bet during their vacation with their band of friends: Noah will not be allowed to have relationships as long as Howie remains single. and will not meet the person who will capsize it. They will cross obviously on their way the beautiful Charlie, a rich pediatrician a little simpleton and his friend Will, whose austerity hides in fact…. I won’t tell you anything. You have to watch.


A terribly modern romantic comedy

In addition to the pretty decorations, and this feeling of sunshine which anchors Fire Island in the list of small pleasures of summer 2022Andrew Ahn’s film offers the possibility of twisting white romantic comedies and heteronormed who really needed it. Because the cliché ” young journalist/advertiser too busy with her career in New York who falls in love with a rich client who sulks but is attracted to her for who knows what reason”we have more than reason, and it’s great.

Fire Island offers a modern and queer reinterpretation, sometimes a little naivewhere the two heroes, played by comedians Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang (one of the brilliant main actors of Saturday Night Live), are for once of Asian origin. When we know invisibilization in the film industry queer minorities, Fire Island offers the possibility for many people to finally feel represented and that’s as great as it is important.

Touching roles, but also actors we hope to see again soon, as they manage to be funny, touching, sensitive and modern. In short, a real breath of fresh air, both on the genre, but also on the works of Jane Austen for the month of pride, which we cannot recommend enough. To watch with his friends on Disney+waiting for his crush summer invites us to have a drink on the terrace.

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