Fire Emblem: an original game "finished for a year", an announcement for the next Nintendo Direct?

Fire Emblem: an original game “finished for a year”, an announcement for the next Nintendo Direct?

Game news Fire Emblem: an original game “finished for a year”, an announcement for the next Nintendo Direct?

While the game Fire Emblem: Three Hopes comes out in ten days, a famous leaker revealed that a new license title was “already finished” at Nintendo.

Fire Emblem: new rumors

Even if Nintendo remains silent during this period of announcements, it seems that things are moving behind the scenes since a specialized leaker Big N brought some never-before-seen information regarding a new episode of Fire Emblem. A reputable leaker because last year, for example, she was right on the date of two Nintendo Direct and this before their formalization. It’s on the website Familyboards that she reveals what she knows about this next opus:

  • The next Fire Emblem game is a new game, not a remake. Original story.
  • It is the result of a collaboration between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo and Gust (a division of Koei Tecmo Holdings).
  • Gust provided strong support regarding visuals and graphics. They are higher than those of Three Houses.
  • Was originally supposed to be an anniversary game to celebrate the license’s 30th anniversary (2020, editor’s note)
  • The main character has weird red and blue hair. His mother is a dragon.
  • A new “emblems” mechanic allows players to summon former Fire Emblem characters for your team. In line with the “anniversary” spirit.

Nintendo: when is the next live?

Last Thursday marked the launch of the Summer Game Fest 2022, a period that tries to replace the E3. It sees many publishers (Xbox and Bethesda, Square With Final Fantasy, Devolver Digital…) announcing their plans for their upcoming titles. However, not everyone in the industry is ready to play and the silence of some is starting to worry players. This is the case for that of Nintendo, which has still not announced anything. Nevertheless, these leaks (which remain to be verified, of course) may be proof that something is going on in the halls of Nintendo.

In any case, it seems legitimate to consider that the Kyoto firm is preparing something for this month of June. First, because the final four of their second annual Nintendo Direct have always been in June. Moreover, because it would join the information shared by the ex-journalist Alanah Pearce (now Senior Writer at Santa Monica) and VGC that a showcase would take place on June 29th.

Obviously, all this is to be taken with a grain of salt since nothing has been formalized by Nintendo… especially since the Japanese giant has recently opted for reveal coming out of nowhere in recent years. So wait & see.

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