Film studios will sprout west of Cannes

Film studios will sprout west of Cannes

His future International Museum of Cinema and Cannes Film Festival now on the right track, the city of the Riviera has also just announced the completion of another project in connection with the seventh art. To the west of the town, on a 5.7 ha industrial wasteland, an investor presented as the “European leader in image, sound and light” has planned to grow 58,000 m2 of buildings, including a part will be able to accommodate filming.

“There will be a multipurpose studio of 2,100 m2 and other spaces of 4,200 m2 equipped in particular for productions which would like to use the XR”, explains to 20Minutes Jacques de la Guillonnière, CEO of the group Novelty-Magnum-Dushow. This technology makes it possible to display images directly on LED panels, without having to resort to green backgrounds and inlays in post-production.

Enough to attract new film or series teams to Cannes, which claims to host “more than one shoot per day for the past six years”.

“It’s Hollywood, but better”

The sale of the land, used until 2012 by the company Ansaldo Breda, for the modernization of the trains of the Paris metro in particular, was recorded on Monday by the town hall of Cannes and the Public Land Establishment Paca. A sale for nearly 15 million euros to which the group intends to add 135 million to create this vast space which “will constitute an important step to energize [le quartier] of La Bocca and make Cannes the European capital of audiovisual”, boasted the mayor LR of the city David Lisnard.

The project should see the light of day on a right-of-way between Francis-Tonner and de la Roubine avenues – Novelty-Magnum-Dushow

Novelty-Magnum-Dushow, which specializes in events, a very dynamic sector on the Côte d’Azur, plans to reserve 13,000 m2 of warehouses on site. Housing, offices, restaurants, a hotel (4,500 m2) and even a student residence, “to absorb the needs of the new campus opened nearby” with training for screenwriters in particular, are also planned on site.

“It’s Hollywood, but better,” said David Lisnard, welcoming the “very strong architectural gesture” which will open the pediment of the complex, on avenue Francis-Tonner. A large arch designed by the Wilmotte cabinet should be “remarkable”, according to the mayor. After the decontamination of the site and the demolition of the existing buildings, the building permit should be filed before December 2023. The work should then be spread out between 2024 and 2025, or even 2026.

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