Fast and Furious: the saga could have ended much earlier!

Fast and Furious: the saga could have ended much earlier!

news culture Fast and Furious: the saga could have ended much earlier!

Fast and Furious 5 was the movie that solidified the series and made it into the famous blockbuster franchise we know today. And yet, an element of the original scenario could have precipitated the end of the saga.


  • How Hobbs’ casting changed everything
  • The Fast and Furious box

Fast and Furious 5 is a turning point in the saga in that it tied the previous films together as belonging to one and the same franchise. Fast 5 also marked the entry of “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson into the action saga in 2005.. He then embodied the role of the antagonist Luke Hobbs before teaming up with Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto. And it was precisely the addition of The Rock to the cast that changed the game by changing the film’s antagonist, allowing to add many well-known action scenes.

In the original script, Luke Hobbs was very different: he was an older character, who couldn’t have chased through Rio de Janeiro, or fought with his bare hands in a clash titans against Vin Diesel, which has nevertheless become one of the emblematic scenes of the film. Luke Hobbs would rather have been a strategist directing an investigation into Dom Toretto, and the actor tipped to play the role was then Tommy Lee Jones (Men in Black). Luke Hobbs would therefore have been very distant and the film would not have had the same dynamic that we know today in the franchise.

The Fast and Furious box

Started in 2001the Fast and Furious franchise now has nine films, including a spin-off. Carried by Vin Diesel, the saga collected more than 6 billion dollars in box office worldwidemaking it Universal Studios’ biggest franchise, and the eighth biggest film franchise, behind in particular the 26 billion of the MCU and the 10 billion of Star Wars. The Dom Toretto team does not intend to stop there, since several other films are planned for the years to come.

The first is the expected FastXwhich is reported to be the last story of the franchise, but in two parts. We will discover the first May 24, 2023 in Franceas for the second, no official information has been communicated on its release. A sequel to Hobbs and Shaw is also reportedly in the worksas well as another spin-off led by female characters, of which Charlize Theron would be a part.

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